“You have all the plans, even the personality”… Baseball revolutionary Shohei Ohtani

The World Baseball Classic, WBC, which ended with Japan’s victory on the 22nd.

The game is over, but the cartoon-like baseball life of Shohei Ohtani, the protagonist of the championship, is becoming a hot topic every day.

Born in 1994 and 28 years old this year, Shohei Ohtani moved to the Los Angeles Angels in 2018 to play a major leaguer.

In particular, last year, he achieved 10 wins and 10 home runs in 104 years since Babe Ruth, and right after that, he became the first pitcher and hitter in major league history to fill both innings and at-bats, becoming truly a ‘legend’.

In other words, he is a pitcher, but he throws and hits better than anyone else.

And once again, this 2023 World Baseball Classic drew a stroke in baseball history.

Some even say that it started with Ohtani and ended with Ohtani.

It’s not just words.안전놀이터

He won the WBC championship by striking out Mike Trout, the ‘symbol’ of the major leagues, with a swing and strikeout, with both hitting and pitching records at an all-time high.

Ohtani’s locker room remarks before the game are also a hot topic. Let’s hear it.

[Shohei Ohtani (Last 22nd): Let’s stop respecting for a moment. Goldschmidt at first base, Trout in center field, and Mookie Betts in the outfield. I think there are players that everyone has heard of while playing baseball. But respect alone cannot surpass them. We’re here to stand on top, so let’s put down our respect for them for today and only think about victory. Let’s go]

There is another reason why his life is more cartoonish.

As if he had prophesied, he is gradually fulfilling the plans he made in high school.

It is a life plan written by Ohtani as a child, but he has already won the MVP unanimously in the American League, and even though he was a year late, he won the championship as a WBC national team player and even won the season MVP.

Shohei Otani said that life does not make dreams, but dreams make life.

His success was supported by meticulous planning and steady practice.

It’s a mandala called the ‘Otani Planner’.

Write down your ultimate goal in the middle of a square, and fill in the detailed action plans around it.

In fact, small practices in daily life, such as picking up trash at the stadium, reading books, and being considerate, claiming to pick up luck that others inadvertently threw away, made Ohtani what it is today.

The so-called ‘Otani manga’, which is equipped with personality without missing anything, is truly attracting the love of baseball fans around the world.