Yoon Seok-min “Challenge for the 6th pro test? I have to go out. I want to go out”

Former professional baseball player Seok-Min Yoon (37) honestly confessed his inner feelings about taking on the golf pro test challenge in JTBC Golf’s ‘Club House”s ‘Hole in People’, which aired on the 27th.

On this day, Yoon Seok-min appeared with his golf companion and coach Choi Chung-man. After introducing himself as “a former professional baseball player and a baby father,” Yoon Seok-min revealed various episodes about the KPGA associate member’s professional test challenge.

When Pro Choi Chung-man asked how many times he had taken the pro test so far, Seok-min Yoon replied, “I took a total of five pro tests, twice last year and three the year before last, and I achieved the feat of passing the preliminary round for the first time in the fifth.” At the same time, he said, “(At the time) there were still finals, but it felt like I had already obtained a professional license (just by passing the preliminary rounds).”

Regarding the reason, “I always did well in the beginning, but it was frustrating because it collapsed at the end. I thought I was successful with just this.” Yoon Seok-min finished his fifth pro test in 45th place.

Then, when Pro Choi Chung-man asked Seok-min Yoon if he would try again this year, Seok-min Yoon paused for a while and said, “I have to leave. I want to go out,” he said calmly. When Choi Chung-man once again asked why he continued to challenge himself, he replied, “I’m satisfied” and replied, “I want to do my favorite hobby seriously, and I want to get a license because they give me a professional license.”

He is constantly challenging the pro test, but Yoon Seok-min clearly explained that he does not want to be a golf player. “Actually, it was at a loss after I retired as a baseball player. He had a lot of worries about how to live in the future. Then he thought about what sport a baseball player can do best, and he thought of golf, which is similar to baseball,” he said. “As he learned golf, his skills improved quickly. While appealing that he was a little different from others, he thought he had to take on a new challenge. On the other hand, he was greedy, but he is not a golf celebrity.” 안전놀이터

Next, Yoon Seok-min said, “My son entered elementary school. I have to do a lot of work now. He feels that he is spending less and less time on golf.”

Yoon Seok-min is a baseball gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and a Korean legend baseball player who played an active role as a pitcher for the professional baseball KIA Tigers. He left Jeongden Ground in 2019 and is enjoying his second life in various ways, such as running his own YouTube channel ‘Modern Nam Yoon Seok-min’. He participated in the 2021 KPGA Korean Tour tournament as an invited player and established a relationship with professional golf. The competition was canceled due to visa issues.

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