‘Yacha’ Choi Jun-seo wins 2R TKO against ‘God-Gyun’… Title match with Wonjun Choi in June

‘Yacha’ Choi Jun-seo (22, Team Yacha) continued his 6-game winning streak. Now, he challenges for the middleweight title against ‘White Bear’ Choi Won-joon.

On the 15th, in the middleweight match of ‘Black Combat 6: The Final Checkmate’ held at Studio Paradise in Yeongjong-do, Incheon, ‘God-Kyun’ Kim Yeon-gyun (26, Cube MMA) was punched repeatedly in 3 minutes and 47 seconds in the second round, and the referee stopped TKO. won토토사이트

Choi Jun-seo is a rising middleweight powerhouse who has been running 6 consecutive wins (1 loss) since 2019. In the first round, he struggled with Kim Yeon-gyun’s takedown attack, but calmly used his jab to turn the tide and win another finish victory. It was his 5th KO win.

Choi Jun-seo struggled with Kim Yeon-gyun’s takedown strategy in the first round. He tried to stand up after allowing a one-leg takedown, but almost gave way to Kim Yeon-gyun, who did not let go of his grip and continued to take down with a thigh kick.

However, Choi Jun-seo was very calm for his age. Unfazed, he got back up and continued the pressure with the jab.

The atmosphere of round 2 has changed. Kim Yeon-gyun, who lost his stamina due to a series of takedown attempts, began to harden his steps. Choi Jun-seo’s jab, which started to catch the distance, followed by a series of right-handed punches sparked fire.

Choi Jun-seo unleashed a series of attacks, such as punches and knee kicks, like a yaksha. He took down Kim Yeon-gyun and dropped an elbow pounding from the top position, and when Kim got up, he knocked down Kim Yeon-gyun with a series of punches again.

Choi Jun-seo, who won the victory, said, “I am grateful to Kim Yeon-gyun for accepting the game even though he was injured. I do not want Kim Yeon-gyun’s dream to be broken. I will support that dream.”

With this victory, Choi Jun-seo received the right to challenge for the middleweight title. The opponent is ‘White Bear’ Choi Won-joon. Choi Jun-seo said to Choi Won-jun, who came up to the cage, “I want to fight White Bear in the best condition and in the best physical condition. I will prepare.”

Choi Won-joon replied, “Those who started watching martial arts through Black Combat will not know about middleweight White Bear. I will show you what the best striker is.”

Black Combat immediately announced that it would hold a middleweight title fight between Choi Won-jun and Choi Jun-seo in June.

Kim Yeon-gyun said, “I admit defeat. Choi Jun-seo was much stronger than I thought.”

He then cried, “Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary. Thank you for raising me without any shortcomings.”