Women’s Bantamweight Divinity Lin Hoth Wins 6 Matches. Cowan Wanpa – UFC FN223

The new face of women’s bantamweight, Jamie Lynn Horse, has landed in the UFC with a 6-fight win streak.

Hoth defeated Hayley Cowan in the women’s bantamweight match at ‘UFC Fight Night 223’ held on the 30th, and decorated her UFC debut with a unanimous decision victory.

Hoth won the first and third rounds, and all three judges scored Hoth’s victory 29-28.

Hailey Cowan (MMA 7-3, UFC 0-1), also making her UFC debut, landed one takedown in the second and third innings, but was pushed back and lost in a punch fight to start her UFC career.크크크벳

Hoss led the game with leg kicks, head kicks and left and right combination punches in the first inning. In the third inning, he also cornered Cowan with head kicks and left and right hits.

Hoth allowed Cowan a takedown, but after defending well, she quickly returned to the offensive and didn’t lose a point.

Hoth led 76-63 in effective hitting.