Women laugh and men cry… South Korea loses to Vietnam in 3 cushion 

In the 3-cushion game on the second day of the ‘Hollywood Asia Super Cup’ being held in Vietnam, Korea lost to Vietnam despite the performance of female players.

On the 17th, in the 3-cushion match on the second day of the ‘Hollywood Asia Super Cup’ held at Hoiana Resort in Hoi An City, central Vietnam, Korea played 5 individual matches against Vietnam and recorded 2 wins and 3 losses. With this, Korea gave Vietnam one point on the second day.

Korea, which won the pocket 9-ball game the previous day, tied Vietnam with the score 1:1 with the defeat that day, and the championship was overshadowed by the results of the 3-cushion team match held on the third day (19th).

◆Korea, Han Ji-eun lost to Vietnam despite Jang Ga-yeon’s performance… On the 19th, the winner of the 3-cushion team event was decided.

On this day, Korea’s Ji-eun Han and Ga-yeon Jang won, but all the male players lost.

In Korea’s first game, Kim Jun-tae (world’s 16th, Gyeongbuk Athletic Association) lost to Tranquietchien (8th) with 27:40 (25 innings). Kim Joon-tae, who took the lead in the beginning, took a slight lead with 15:13 until the 14th inning. However, in the 15th inning, Tran quickly reversed the score to 22:16 with a high run of 9 points, ending the first half. Kim Jun-tae failed to regain the initiative in the second half and lost with 27:40 (25 innings).

In the second game, Jang Ga-yeon (2nd place, Gumi High School Broadcasting and Correspondence High School) defeated Wing Deokxinyan 25:20 (33 innings). Jang Ga-yeon continued to maintain the lead from the beginning and finished the first half with a lead of 13:8 in the 18th inning, and continued to accumulate points in the second half, winning easily with a score of 25:20.

In the third game, Cha Myung-jong (27th, Incheon City Sports Association) defeated Wingtrantantu (42nd) by 36:40 after a long game of 46 innings. Cha Myung-jong took the lead with a high run of 6 runs from the first 2 innings. However, after that, he was steadily pursued and finished the first half with 16:20 in the 22nd inning.

In the second half, Cha Myung-jong was dragged to 27:29, but in the 33rd inning he scored a high run of 5 points and reversed the score to 32:30, but then fell into a lull and allowed a turnaround again, losing 36:40.

In the fourth game, Han Ji-eun (1st place, Seongnam Billiards Federation) won a dramatic come-from-behind victory over Wing Hoang Nian with 25:23 (24 innings). Han Ji-eun was consistently dragged by Wing Hoang Nien and pushed back to 19:22 until the 23rd inning. However, in the 24th inning, Han Ji-eun took over the right to attack and added the remaining 6 points to finish the game as it was, completing a thrilling come-from-behind victory when Wing Hoang Niyen, the “first strike”, only scored 1 point in the 24th inning.

In the fifth match with a game score of 2:2, Heo Jeong-han (12th, Gyeongnam Billiard Federation) and Wing Deokan-chien (21st) faced each other.

Heo Jeong-han’s offense did not work well due to the continuing difficult layout, and the first half finished with 14:21 (15 innings). Heo Jeong-han chased until 21:24 with 7 high runs in the second half, but after that, he fell into an empty hit for 5 consecutive innings, widening the gap with Wing Deok-an-chien. Heo Jeong-han pursued until 33:38 with 8 high-runs in the 28th inning, but Wing Deok An-Chien added the remaining 2 points in the 29th inning, and the game ended at 33:40 (29 innings).

‘Relay’ 3-cushion team event, first to score 130 points in 10 games winsSponsored by 15 companies including Rashvan, KNB, Taurus, and Teja Evilliers◆Relay 3-Cushion Team Match… 10 games must be scored 130 points first to win.

Today (19th), the 3rd day of the competition, at 2:00 pm (Korean time), the 3-cushion team game will continue. The 3-cushion team event, which determines the winning direction, will be held in an ‘unprecedented’ relay method. 슬롯사이트

Starting with the 2:00 p.m. Kim Jun-tae-Ning Duk-An-Chien game, Korea’s Kim Jun-Tae-Han Ji-Eun-Heo Jeong-Han-Jang Ga-Yeon-Cha Myung-Jong’s order, Vietnam’s Ning Duc An-Chien-Ning Hoan Nian-Ning Tran Thanh Tu-Ning Duc Xin Yen-Tran Quiet Chien. play in order. The two teams play two turns in this order for a total of 10 games.

Therefore, individual wins and losses are not important in team matches. Men must complete 15 points and women must complete 10 points to pass the baton to another player. As the game progresses, male-male, male-female, and female-female competitions are held. In the end, the team that first fills up 130 points while 5 players take two turns wins.

Meanwhile, the National Sports Promotion Foundation and Lashevan, domestic billiards equipment companies KNB, Taurus, Clason, Billplex, Voltech Korea and Tranquiet Chien’s main sponsor Tejaevilliers, Vietnam’s uniform company Joe Gabola 15 companies, including local Vietnamese companies, participated as sponsors.