“Why do you keep hitting me?” 12 hits to the Yankees alone, two bench clears in one inning.

Two bench clears in one inning. The dune bashing reached a fever pitch between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays.

Yankees-Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field on Aug. 28 in St. Petersburg, Fla. In the eighth inning, Tampa Bay leadoff hitter Randy Arozarena was hit in the side by a 95.5 mph (153.4 km/h) sinker on a five-pitch at-bat from Yankees pitcher Albert Abreu.

Arozarenas, who showed his displeasure by throwing his bat at the pitch, looked at Abreu and held up two fingers. That meant he had been hit twice. Arozarena had also been hit by Abreu’s ball on May 6.

Nerves flared between the two players and players from both teams flooded the pitch. There was a brief confrontation as the benches were cleared, but the situation was resolved without further incident, and when play resumed, Arozarenas stole two or three bases in a row to rattle the Yankees battery.

After stealing third, there was a second bench-clearing incident. Nerves got the better of Arozarrena and Abreu as they exchanged words again, and players from both teams rushed the field. This time, there was no physical altercation, but it showed just how deep the emotions ran on both sides of the goal.

“I think they hit me on purpose, I don’t know why, but they always seem to want to hit me,” Arozarena said after the game, according to MLB.com, “This is not the first time. Yandy Diaz got hurt, and today Isaac Paredes got hit in the head,” he fumed.

Arozarenas isn’t the only Tampa Bay player who has been hit by dunes against the Yankees. They’ve been hit 12 times in 13 games this year. The three center fielders – Arozarenas, Diaz, and Paredes – have all been hit three times. In this game alone, Tampa Bay hitters were hit by four sand dunes. In contrast, Yankees hitters have only seen two dunes against Tampa Bay this year.

On the first day of the three-game series, Tampa Bay Diaz missed games 27 and 28 after being hit in the left forearm by a Jonathan Loaiciga pitch. On the 28th, four players were hit: Oslevis Vasave in the 2nd, Paredes in the 5th, Jonathan Aranda in the 6th, and Arozarena in the 8th. In the fifth inning, Paredes was hit in the helmet by Ian Hamilton’s 95 mph (152.9 km/h) sinker. Tampa Bay’s players were bound to react.바카라사이트

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said, “I understand the frustration because we’ve had some Tampa Bay players get hit in this series, including Diaz. But it wasn’t intentional,” Boone emphasized. Abreu, who hit Arozarenas, said, “I never intended to hit him. I was trying to explain, and he blamed me. I was just trying to get him to throw a good sinker and make a weak pitch,” Abreu said.

Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash said, “I don’t think it was intentional, but that doesn’t make the dunes any less scary. I hope they don’t get hit. No player likes to get hit by a ball.”

The game ended in a 7-4 victory for Tampa Bay. The Rays took the best-of-seven series 2-1 and finished with an 8-5 advantage over the Yankees this year.