“Why did you run the rotation?” British media’s rude murder. Director Stellini’s hidden card ‘two-footed SON, unpredictable right-sided destructive power’

 “Son Heung-min’s method of using both feet can be a secret weapon.”

Football London predicted this.

There is a clear reason.

Football London said on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time), ‘The newly recruited Arnaut Danzuma and Dean Kulusevski can compete for starting positions. The match between Tottenham and Bournemouth will be held at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on the 15th. The two players will compete fiercely for the starting position.”토토사이트

Kulusevsky is more of a built-in star. Son Heung-min rotated with Richarlison due to poor physical condition, but Harry Kane and Klusevski started as the starting pitchers. That was the case twice, when former Tottenham manager Antonio Conte had surgery and Stellini took over as interim head coach.

However, recently, Son Heung-min’s goal-making ability is at its peak. He is rapidly improving his condition by scoring his 100th goal in the league.

Then, this time the situation completely changed. While Kane and Son Heung-min are likely to play in the front line, Danjuma and Kulusevski compete for positions. The performance against Brighton last time had an impact. Danjuma was flashy, while Kulusevski was rather dull.

However, a problem arises when Danjuma goes to the ground. He mainly plays as a left winger. The position overlaps with Son Heung-min.

Football London said, ‘Danjuma playing with Son Heung-min means Son Heung-min moves to the right. Coaches Conte and Stellini used Son Heung-min mainly on the left side, but occasionally played on the right side and often had a devastating effect because he used both feet freely. Heung-Min Son’s versatility and unpredictability when on the right could be a hidden card for Stellini to shake things up in his remaining eight games.’