Who is the ‘only ’01 born’ who is more highly regarded than ‘Neapolitan Wizard’ Hvitsa?

SSC Napoli (hereafter Napoli)’s Hvica Kvarachhelia is considered one of the best strikers in Europe this season. He is also young Born in 2001, he is still in the 22nd century, and there are many days ahead to show great plays.

Hvica Kvarazhelia, who works magic on the pitch every day, has played 32 games this season, including Italian Serie A and UEFA Champions League (UCL). He recorded 14 points and 16 assists along the way. This is the reason why the market value of Hvica Kvarachhelia skyrocketed to 85 million euros (approximately 122.3 billion won). Even at this time last year alone, the ransom of Hvitcha Kvarach Helia was estimated at around 15 million euros (approximately 21.6 billion won). It’s a really huge rise.

By the way, no matter how much Hvycha Kvarach Helia goes up, he still can’t become the best in his 2001 birth year. With 85 million euros, it is ranked among the best in the world, so it would be the best in terms of peers, but Hvica Kvarachhelia is still second among those born in 2001. There is a reason. It’s because of Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka. 안전놀이터

Likewise, Bukayo Saka, born in 2001, made his name much earlier than Hvica Kvarachhelia. His skills have grown rapidly enough to play an active role in Arsenal as well as the England men’s national soccer team. Currently, Bukayo Saka’s ransom is a whopping 110 million euros (approximately 158.3 billion won). Among the 2001 born, of course, the best at Arsenal. Even if you widen the filter to all players in the English Premier League, it falls into second place. This is the part where you realize the huge value of Bukayo Saka.

Meanwhile, among those born in 2001, there is one player who is evaluated with the same value as Hvica Kvarachhelia. Enzo Fernandez recently moved to Chelsea FC. Enzo Fernandez was instrumental in helping Argentina win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Thanks to this, it quickly raised its reputation. Needless to say, he has excellent skills. Enzo Fernandez is also 85 million euros, the same as Hvica Kvarachhelia.

Lee Kang-in of South Korea was also born in 2001. Lee Kang-in is evaluated with a ransom of 15 million euros, and is tied for 43rd among his peers.