‘What if I throw 170km’ LAA prospect, joint no-hit… but 5-7 shock defeat

The Los Angeles Angels’ Minor League Double-A team did not hit a single hit, but lost by giving up 7 runs. 

On the 9th (Korean time), American media Yahoo Sports reported Rocket City’s absurd defeat, saying, “The Rocket City Trash Pandas, a minor league team under the Angels, found a new way to make history in the last doubleheader game.” 

Rocket City lost 5-7 in the match against the Chattanooga Lookouts (a Double-A team affiliated with Cincinnati) held at Toyota Field in Madison, Alabama, USA on the same day. What’s surprising is that Rocket City didn’t get a single hit. 안전놀이터

In this game, which was shortened by 7 innings due to the double header, Rocket City maintained a 3-0 lead by allowing no hits until the 6th inning. Starting pitcher Coleman Crowe went down in the top of the 7th inning ahead of a team joint no-hitter, and Angels prospect Ben Joyce, who is famous for throwing fastballs close to 170 km/h, took the mound. 

As soon as Joyce got on the mound, he gave up two walks and started to shake. He caught Nick Quintana with a floating ball to second baseman and struggled to get an out count, but he walked again and brought the bases loaded with one out. 

Joyce, who struck out two outs, gave up a walk to Jacob Hertubis, eventually allowing a run. And the crisis did not end here. All three runners stepped home as center fielder Jeremiah Jackson committed a catch error on Jose Torres’ fly ball. Rocket City suffered a 3-4 comeback.

Rocket City took Joyce off the mound and put in Eric Torres, but the atmosphere did not change. Torres gave up a run by throwing the ball that hit the body three times in a row, and gave up three points vainly by pushing away a walk and wildly throwing. The score gap widened to 3-7. Torres, who recorded another fit ball, struck out Ilvin Fernandez and kept the team joint no-hitter. 

Rocket City, who made up for 2 runs in the last attack in the bottom of the 7th inning, went down in history as a team that lost even after recording a joint no-hit. Yahoo Sports said, “If you watch a little baseball game, you can often see a child giving up an inning when a disaster occurred without throwing the ball into the strike zone when a point was given that he did not have to give. It happened. But this time, the professional players showed that.” /fpdlsl72556@osen.co.kr