‘Wearing the road construction uniform’ Catbell “I only think about winning”

Korea Expressway Corporation’s new foreign player, Catbell, is already familiar to V-League fans. He played for Heungkuk Life Insurance last season after wearing a GS Caltex uniform in the first tryout in 2015.

Catbell was not nominated in the foreign player draft this season, but she did not give up hope of getting on a plane to Korea. Even at the moment when he joined Galatasaray in the Turkish League and played an active role, he thought that the V-League team might contact him by the end of the year.

This has become a reality. He was contacted by an agent past mid-December of last year.

Catbell said, “I felt really good when I got the call that I could play for the Korean team. The moment I finally decided to go to Korea, I cheered. “He smiled.

He said, “I also wore the Korea Expressway Corporation uniform. I want to add a history of ‘winning’ in my volleyball life. I want to put a star on it. I want to do it. The road construction is a team that I experienced a lot last season. It is not a low-ranking team, but it is currently in third place. The period until the rest of the season is not long. I will do my best, “he said with strength in his voice.

Catbell completed administrative procedures after entering the country on the 3rd, and started the first game, KGC Ginseng Corporation, on the 6th after just one day of training. His skills were still there. He scored 20 points (15 points in front, 2 points in rear, 3 points in blocking), the most in the team, and recorded an attack share of 37% and an attack success rate of 25%.

In particular, he showed the ability to solve important moments, and his blocking ability to block the opponent’s ace shined at the last moment to confirm victory.

Catbell expressed his confidence, saying, “My breathing with the setter will improve as I repeat training and matches 스포츠토토. There is no problem.”

Regarding the ongoing massage of her right thigh during the match, Catbell said, “I had muscle pain during training the day before. It’s not a big deal.”

Catbell, who has built a new nest in Gimcheon, not the metropolitan area, said, “Gimcheon is not equipped with a better environment to play than Seoul. But it is rather good. I want to die for two months and win. I just need to go to Seoul to play. I can wait that much.”

Catbell’s best friend is Yasmin (Hyundai Construction). Even during the last season, she met Yasmin often, and when she was going to Korea, she often talked to Yasmin on the phone.

Catbell said, “I checked the distance between Kimcheon and Yongin when there was a possibility of coming to Korea. When Yasmin recovers, I want to fight head-to-head.”

Road construction manager Kim Jong-min said, “Catbell is not yet fully breathing, but he did well. With Catbell coming in, there was a blocking height that could block the opposing foreign player. The blocking timing is still a little early, but that part can be adjusted. Setter If we only take the boldness of management in the offensive part, we will perform better.”

Catbell prepares for the next match by resting and training on weekends and early in the week. “She is confident,” he said with a broad smile.

Catbell’s performance is expected to be a great boost to the race in the second half of Korea Expressway Corporation.