“We lost, but Medina and Yoo-Sin Kim are responsible for one game—Today’s bullpen can all go out” Manager Kim Jong-kook vows to fight back

KIA manager Kim Jong-kook vowed to fight back after the loss, saying his mound operation was the key to overcoming a particularly tough game. With the homegrown ace on the mound and Pil Seung-jo behind him, he looked to avenge the previous day’s loss.

Ahead of the game against Gwangju LG on the 27th, Kim said of the previous day’s game, “We gave up a run, but Medina went six innings and saved our bullpen. The team lost, but Medina and Kim Yoo-shin were responsible for one game,” Kim said, adding, “Today, all of our bullpen pitchers can go out.” He stared at the victory.

The day before, Adonis Medina pitched six innings of four-run ball and Kim Yoo-shin pitched three innings of one-run ball. They finished the game with two pitchers. The bullpen was particularly depleted in the three-game midweek series against Hanwha. In the 25th game, they used seven middle relievers after starter Lee Yi-ri was ejected for a head shot early in the game. The game on the 26th was bound to be difficult in many ways, but it was income that minimized the consumption.

“I think we had a bad concentration in the scoring zone,” said Kim, referring to the fact that the team only scored three runs despite getting 13 hits in the previous day’s game. We did a good job analyzing the flukes, but we couldn’t capitalize on our chances. I think I need more concentration.”토토사이트

On this day, KIA made changes to its lineup: Park Chan-ho (shortstop), Lee Woo-sung (left fielder), Socrates (right fielder), Choi Hyung-woo (designated hitter), Kim Sun-bin (second baseman), Hwang Dae-in (first baseman), Byun Woo-hyuk (third baseman), Han Seung-taek (catcher), and Kim Ho-ryung (center fielder). The starting pitcher is Yang Hyun-jong.

Coach Kim said, “Ryu Ji-hyuk complained of discomfort in his side, so I left him out. The examination showed some inflammation, so he will rest today. Go Jong-wook will pinch-hit in the second half.”