‘Video reading’ left a stain on the famous game… Volleyball fans disappointed again

On the 7th, the Korean Air-Hyundai Capital match overturned the reading, and the

players of both teams poured out everything for 2 hours and 30 minutes at the center of the controversy. A match worthy of a head-to-head match between the men’s 1st and 2nd place teams was staged, but the video reading remained ‘Okay’.

Korean Air scored a set score of 3-2 (19-25, 26-24, 25-22, 25- 27, 15-12) and secured the leading position.

The team that caught the mood at the beginning of the game was Hyundai Capital. Hyundai Capital, which had been inferior in opponents since last season, took the opportunity to break the 8th consecutive loss against Korean Air by succeeding in overtaking the first set. However, in the second half of the second set, a decisive moment changed the flow of the game.

The judgment changed at once… Hyundai Capital’s dream flew away

In the second set, 23-23, Hyundai Capital’s apogee spiker Heo Subong’s powerful spike serve headed to the Korean Air court. Libero Park Ji-hoon, who was in the rear, succeeded in receiving, and after receiving a toss from setter Han, Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln), an apogee spike, succeeded in a rear attack.

Then, the Hyundai Capital bench immediately requested a video review. In the process of Korean Air receiving Heo Soo-bong’s serve, Hyundai Capital claimed that the ball also touched the hand of outside heater Jeong Ji-seok, who was next to Park Ji-hoon, and passed the ball in the fourth time. If this continues, a ‘four hit’ will be declared, Korean Air’s fault will be recognized, and Hyundai Capital will reach the set point first.

The competition commissioner, referee, and assistant referee looked at the replay screen projected in the air. It took less than a minute for the reading result to come out. The result is a hit. Hyundai Capital head coach Choi Tae-woong clenched his fists and cheered.

This time, Korean Air protested. Coach Tommy Tillikainen stopped the players, but most players, including Jeong Ji-seok, responded that they could not understand. After that, a second video reading was performed from a different angle than the first reading. It was the screen captured by the camera behind the end line.

Maybe their thoughts have changed, and the competition committee member corrected it to not four hits. The Hyundai Capital bench immediately protested. Director Choi Tae-woong, who even took off his mask, strongly expressed his dissatisfaction. At the same time, he said, “Didn’t you say there was no reversal of the reading? Didn’t you say there was no KB (damage insurance) game on the 27th? Assistant referee Jeon Yeong-ah repeatedly said, “I’m sorry” about the reversal, but coach Choi Tae-woong did not accept it easily.

Hyundai Capital, who missed the chance to turn around, gave up the second set after a close match of deuce, while Korean Air raised its momentum and captured the third set. Hyundai Capital, who struggled to secure 1 point by winning the 4th set, collapsed in the 5th set and fell into a pit of 9 consecutive losses against Korean Air. It was not important whether

the judges who lost their trust or not, whether the disciplinary action was useless or not.

What Hyundai Capital took issue with was overturning the results of the video review. The situation at the men’s 3rd round KB Insurance-KEPCO match on the 27th of last month, which Director Choi mentioned in the process of protesting at the head office, was ‘the exact opposite’.

In the 4th set, when KEPCO was leading 11-9, middle blocker Park Chan-woong tried to block outside hitter Hong Seong-hyeok’s back attack. On the screen, it was confirmed that Park Chan-woong’s elbow touched the net, and it was certain that KEPCO’s touchnet offense would be declared. 메이저놀이터

Contrary to expectations, the reading result was not a touchnet, and the supervisor of KB Insurance, who was enraged at this, protested strongly. He also called in all the players who were once on the court. However, the reading result did not change and the game continued as it was.

Despite the unexpected crisis, KB Insurance enjoyed a set score of 3-1 victory, but the controversy did not subside. In the end, the next day, the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) imposed a disciplinary action on Nam Young-soo, assistant referee, and Eui-tak Jeong, except for the assignment of three games. In addition, referee Jin Byung-woon decided not to be assigned to the first game.

Even in the Korean Air-Hyundai Capital match on the 7th, Jeong Eui-tak, a member of the competition committee, sat in the main seat. This time, unlike the KB Insurance-Korea Electric Power War, the video reading result was overturned. Hyundai Capital had no choice but to consider the fairness of reversing the reading.

In the first place, the responsibility lies with the match officials who failed to run the game smoothly. However, it is time for KOVO’s efforts, such as reorganizing the manuals related to video reading, to prevent further confusion. The ‘video review’ prepared to minimize the injustice caused by a misjudgment should not ruin the game.