‘Up to 10 years in prison’ Puig trial, signs of racial discrimination…Puig lawyer “Prejudice against blacks affects federal investigators’ evaluation”

Yasiel Puig’s perjury charges related to illegal sports betting appear to be escalating into racial discrimination.

Puig, who withdrew from a plea agreement in an illegal sports betting case three months ago, denied the new federal charges on Thursday (Korean time).

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Puig pleaded not guilty to charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, a crime punishable by a total of 10 years.

Puig will begin his trial in federal court in Los Angeles on April 25.

Puig’s lawyer, Ben Crump and others, said that bias affected federal investigators’ assessment of Puig’s credibility as a witness. 스포츠토토

They argued that “racial prejudice ultimately determined Puig to be prosecuted”.

It is a strategy to turn the Puig trial into an issue of racial discrimination.

Mr. Crump has won more than 200 financial settlements in black suits against the police. In particular, in the case of Floyd’s death, the Floyd family was able to get a settlement of $ 27 million thanks to attorney Crump.

What the George Floyd, Martin Lee Anderson, and Trayvon Martin cases have in common is that they were all black and lost their lives unjustly to the violence of white police officers, prison guards, or vigilantes.

The attorney in these cases was Crump.

Because of this, Crump has been dubbed the “Attorney General of Black Americans.”

It is also the reason why Puig has appointed him as his lawyer.

If Puig is found not guilty, he is likely to be able to collect huge amounts of damages in a civil lawsuit.