“Unfamiliar but attractive… I came to win LIV Golf”

Leaving a beloved job isn’t easy. Especially if you’ve been in the same place for over 20 years with your best colleagues. However, they also decide to take on challenges to achieve new goals. That was the case with Kevin Na (40), who left the PGA Tour and transferred to LIV Golf.

Kevin Na, who turned pro in 2001, has been active on the PGA Tour since 2004. The achievements he achieved before moving the main stage to LIV Golf in June of last year were enormous. He has been active as a leading player on the PGA Tour for 19 years, winning 5 career victories and placing his name in the top 30 in career money.

The reason he left the PGA Tour was clear until he gave up all of his previous achievements. In an interview with the Maeil Business Newspaper, Kevin Na said, “I was attracted to LIV Golf, which is unfamiliar but attractive. I was convinced that it would be a tour that golf fans are excited about in the future.” As a member of LIV Golf, I will work harder to bring joy to golf fans.”

Kevin Na’s favorite time of year is January and February. This is because the excitement of starting a new season is at its peak. Kevin Na explained, “I’ve participated in countless competitions, but I’m still nervous and excited about the tee shot on the first hole.”

As the opening of the LIV Golf 2023 season approaches, Kevin Na has a busy schedule. LIV Golf will enter the 2023 season starting with the Mayakoba Tournament to be held in Mexico on the 24th. Kevin: Winning is my top priority. He emphasized, “I didn’t come to LIV Golf to play. I came here to win.”

The rib injury that plagued Kevin Na until last year has also completely recovered. Kevin I expressed confidence, saying, “I couldn’t play normally last year due to a prolonged rib injury at the end of 2021.”

How did you feel about your first season at LIV Golf last year? Kevin Na said, “I think it’s the best tour for a player. It’s different to have an individual and team event at the same time.” said.

Kevin Na, who is leading the team as captain of Ironhead GC, recently attended a meeting where captains of 12 teams including Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson (above USA) gathered. He said, “I was surprised to see all 12 players gathered at the captains meeting. It was to the point where I thought, ‘Can I claim it?’” and “We talked about how to improve LIV golf. I also made up my mind to perform well in the 14 upcoming competitions.” 안전놀이터

Kevin Na, who also aims to win the team event, revealed that the composition of the team has virtually entered the final stage. He said, “Last year’s Asian Tour prize money king Kim Si-hwan and Zimbabwean Scott Vincent will work as a team. The other one will be revealed soon.” It will bring a lot of energy to the team.”

The driving force that has maintained competitiveness for over 20 years is the passion for ‘best’. Kevin Na said, “I feel comfortable when I achieve what I set out to do. My personality is to do it until it doesn’t work.” I think I was able to come this far thanks to my dedication to achieving something. As long as I live as professional golfer Kevin Na, my passion for golf will not change.”

He also revealed his desire for major competitions, including the Masters. Kevin Na expressed his determination, saying, “Every player dreams of participating in a major tournament.”