Tottenham’s insolvent right-back at last? Paratici: Prisoners will be very different

Tottenham Hotspur general manager Fabio Paratici showed confidence in the right fullback position. This is because high expectations are being placed on freshman Pedro Poro.

The winter transfer window of the English Premier League (EPL) has recently closed. Tottenham’s most notable signings were winger Arnaut Danjuma and right-back Poro. Both players are loan signings, but a full transfer option is included. This means that if he performs well for the rest of the season, he can stay at Tottenham longer. 스포츠토토

In particular, the right fullback position was evaluated as a chronic weakness. This season, Emerson Royale is playing as the main player, but it is difficult to completely trust them, and the backup resources are poor. Both Matt Doherty, an existing resource, and Jed Spence, who was recruited ahead of this season, have lost ground. In the end, the contract with Doherty was terminated, and Spence was loaned to Stadren.

Standing in front of the local reporters after the transfer period, general manager Paratici said regarding the prisoner, “I have played for the Spanish national team as a world-class player who has participated in the European competition for the past 2-3 seasons. He has other skills that I did not have before. Very outstanding quality “He’s a player and he’s full of energy. We’re very happy to have him on our team.”

Next, Paratici said, “Actually, I was interested in POW last summer as well. However, I couldn’t recruit him and later played against Tottenham. I was lucky to see him. I kept an eye on him because he performed well against our team. This contract Thank you to all the staff at our club who worked hard to make this happen.”

He also mentioned Danjuma, who already scored his debut goal before his debut. Paratici said: “Danjuma is a really important player. He can be a great addition to our team. He could have joined a big club in the last two or three years. The opportunity came to us and we took it right away. A really good debut. My confidence must have improved a lot while going through ”, and I was happy because I think it’s the most important part.”