The task set by Lee Da-yeon of Shinhan Bank, “I want to experience the capabilities of Japanese players through defense”

“I want to feel the capabilities of Japanese players while playing defense”

The WKBL Rising Star team, centered on Park Ji-hyeon (Asan Woori Bank), Lee So-hee (Busan BNK Some), and Lee Hae-ran (Yongin Samsung Life Insurance), was at Gimpo Airport on the morning of the 28th. Departed. After arriving at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, we met at the auxiliary gym of Ariake Arena in Tokyo.

The reason why 12 WKBL rising stars joined together in Japan. The Japanese women’s professional basketball league, W League, hosted the ‘W League All-Star 2022-2023 in Ariake’, and the WKBL rising stars consisted of 14 W-League All-Stars on the 29th. It’s because they play event games with the squad.

There are many players who represented or represent Japanese women’s basketball in the W League All-Star team. 14 players, including Lamu Tokashiki from the WNBA, Yuki Miyazawa and Himawari Akio, who won the silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, were included in the W League All-Stars. A difficult opponent for the inexperienced WKBL rising star.

However, facing high-level Japanese players is a valuable opportunity for young players who do not have much experience. Incheon Shinhan Bank Lee Da-yeon (175cm, F) is the same.

Lee Da-yeon entered the pro in the 3rd overall in the 2020-2021 WKBL New Player Selection. Although his height as a forward is low, his speed and elasticity are high. Based on her athleticism, her offensive power isn’t bad either. Lee Da-yeon, who received a certain amount of opportunity, digested his third season as a professional player.

After training ended on the afternoon of the 29th, Lee Da-yeon said, “I prepared hard for the 2022-2023 season. However, he did not play as well as expected. Still, he seems to have melted more into the team defense than in the 2021-2022 season. Of course, there are still many shortcomings, but it seems to be better than before,” he said, looking back at the 2022-2023 season.

Lee Da-yeon’s team, Shinhan Bank, finished the 2022-2023 season on March 13. From May 7, we prepare for the 2023-2024 season. Since his comeback is imminent, he is paying more attention to his body care.

Lee Da-yeon said, “I went to Singapore for the 3X3 competition. He had a vacation period of about a month. But after he was off for a week or so, he did weight training and ball exercises. It is because he had to participate in the Japan All-Star Game,” he said.

And Lee Da-yeon had an invaluable experience during his vacation. At the end of March she competed in the 2023 FIBA ​​3X3 Women’s Asia Cup in Singapore. It was different from the basketball she had previously played, but she enjoyed the valuable experience of ‘international stage’.

About a month has passed. Lee Da-yeon went abroad once again. She got the chance to stick with the W League All-Star. Although she has a different position, she can go up against Japan’s top players such as Tokashimiramu (ENEOS), Miyazawa Yuki (FUJITSU) and Akaho Himawari (DENSO).

So Lee Da-yeon said, “My body condition is not 100% yet. Also, while blocking the good players, I want to feel the attacks of the good players with my body. I want to feel with my body how to deal with the opponent’s defense. Rather than thinking that I have to do well, I want to learn more.”크크크벳

He continued, “Last year, I did field training in Japan. But at that time, it was mainly the unnies, so I just watched from the bench. This time, I think it will be different because I will face the Japanese players directly on the court. This is because Japanese players are really fast and good at timing basketball,” he added, adding to his role on the court.

Lastly, “I want to feel like a Japanese player through defense. Also, the defense was evaluated as weak, but the offense and defense must be balanced. To get a chance in the coming season, we need to complement our defense,” he said, emphasizing “defense.” To be precise, I wanted to strike a balance between offense and defense. I really wanted to achieve this in this All-Star game.