The story that made Chris Paul’s daughter cry: “My friend said my dad could never win”

A prank made Chris Paul’s daughter sad.

The Phoenix Suns’ Chris Paul spoke candidly on the Pivot Podcast today (July 7).

Paul, nicknamed “Point God,” has long been one of the league’s top point guards. Despite his lack of height, Paul is a fan favorite for his excellent read of the game, clever BQ, and passing ability, earning 11 All-NBA selections and 12 All-Star selections in his career.

Paul’s will to win and attention to detail is second to none. Even he said on the show, “It’s hard to play with me and be a teammate. I try to keep my head in the game, and if you don’t have the same level of energy as me, it’s hard to get along,” he said.

The one thing Paul lacks is a championship ring. He’s been knocking on the door of championships throughout his long career, but he’s yet to come out on top in the Finals. Even this season, when Kevin Durant joined the team, Paul’s quest for a championship was unsuccessful.

Winning a championship is the ultimate goal for any athlete and something he’s dreamed of since childhood. “I don’t think anyone wants a championship more than I do,” Paul said before the start of the playoffs.

Winning a championship is crucial to how top players like Paul are judged by future generations. Charles Barkley, the greatest power forward of all time, is often undervalued because he was an untouchable.

Paul’s desire to win the title is not only for himself, but also for those around him. “Of course it’s hard for me, but I think it’s harder for everyone around me. My wife is the one who suffers the most when she says ‘I can’t sleep’ late at night,” he said.

He then shared a funny anecdote about his daughter’s experience at school.

“My daughter is at the age where she should be in school now. Kids her age often say radical and strange things at school. One boy said to my daughter, ‘Your dad will never win a championship,'” he said.

“My daughter didn’t take it personally, but kept it in the back of her mind and called me when she got in the car. She was very upset, and I had to talk to her, soothing and comforting her. These are just some of the things that happen, but it’s tough and difficult.”토토사이트

After tasting failure this season, Phoenix turned things around with the hiring of head coach Frank Vogel. With reinforcements and roster harmony, Phoenix is one of the favorites to win the title next season, and Paul, who has been linked to a move, is leaning toward staying.

Playing alongside Kevin Durant and Devin Booker, this could be Paul’s last chance to challenge for the title as a starter for the rest of his career. How will Paul’s next season end?