‘Suspicious’ Kwak Yoon-gi, trying to get chocolate, got stuck at the airport

Reporter Park Jae-ho = Why did Kwak Yoon-ki (Goyang City Hall), the ‘eldest brother’ of Korean short track, show up at the airport with chocolate?

On the afternoon of the 14th, the Korean short track team returned home from the Netherlands to Incheon International Airport after finishing the 2022-2023 International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup 6th competition. Ten athletes, including Park Ji-won, who won three gold medals in the men’s 1000m, 1500m, and 5000m relay, and Kim Gil-ri, who won the silver medal in the women’s 1000m, returned in gold.

After the photo shoot and interview, there was a man walking around the players. His hat was pressed down deeply and he wore a mask, but his long pink hair stood out. He was carrying chocolates and a GoPro that he apparently made himself. He approached Jiwon Park who had just finished the interview and talked seriously for a few minutes.

The identity of the man was Kwak Yoon-gi, who is active not only as a player but also as a YouTuber. Reporters who noticed this hurriedly approached him. Kwak Yoon-ki, who unexpectedly responded to the interview, started talking with a flair and pleasantness, befitting a ‘fantastic star’.

When he was asked what kind of conversation he had with Park Ji-won, he joked, “He said it was so good. It seems like you are seeing me 15 years ago.” He continued, “(Park Ji-won) is playing the role of captain well. As a senior, I am proud and the short track future is bright. As a senior, I feel good.”

When asked about the ‘identity’ of the handmade chocolate that drew attention, he was embarrassed to say, “It’s not like I made it myself, I just buy (materials) from a convenience store and freeze it. It’s not a big deal.” She continued, “Today is Valentine’s Day, so I’m going to give each of her juniors a bite. I came and saw her like a girlfriend following her,” revealing a lot of love for her juniors.

She continued, “Shouldn’t short track be loved a lot only when juniors do well?

Yoongi Kwak is currently running the YouTube channel ‘Hold On Tightly’. This channel, which was created four years ago, is currently gaining popularity with 1.06 million subscribers. When I asked, “Isn’t my YouTube channel contributing to the popularity of short track?”, he said, “Actually, this is the direction I wanted. Short track won’t get a lot of attention at international competitions after the Olympics. They give and support me. I feel like I am being reciprocated.”

Kwak Yoon-gi, who turned 35 this year, is still playing active duty and boasts of his ‘eldest brother’s power’. He is currently participating in the National Winter Sports Festival held in Ulsan. Kwak Yun-ki said, “I took a short break in Ulsan, but I have to go now. I have to go to Gimpo Airport right away.” 바카라사이트

Even the moment she left, Kwak Yoon-ki took care of her juniors, saying, “Please do a lot of coverage of our juniors.”

Kwak Yoon-gi, who has a special love for her juniors, has her YouTube channel full of content for her juniors. Even if you look at her recent videos, they dealt with the current situation and interviews of junior players who participated in the World Cup. In particular, she transformed her juniors Lim Yong-jin and Hong Gyeong-hwan (Lee Sang-goyang City Hall) into local “correspondents” to deal with the players’ inner feelings and situations in a more familiar way. She also transforms herself into a ‘short track deputy reporter Kwak’ and delivers news of juniors who are out of reach of the media. 

Even on this day, Kwak Yun-gi came by plane to see his juniors for a while, even though he was participating in the competition, and went down to Ulsan again. Yesterday and today, he is running back and forth for his juniors.