‘Superman’ Jo Jae-ho, the first Korean to win 2 wins in one season

‘Superman’ Jae-ho Cho (43, NH Nonghyup Card) defeated Dong-gung Kang (43, SK Rent-A-Car), his best friend born in 1980, in the final round of the PBA-LPBA Championship regular tour for the 2022-2023 season, becoming the first Korean to win the title. He built a golden pagoda of winning the second season.

In the PBA Finals of the Crown Haitai Professional Billiards PBA-LPBA Championship held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 8th, Cho Jae-ho won Kang Dong-gung with a set score of 4-1 (15-2 9-15 15-12 15-13 15-14). and won the championship.

After winning the first Blue One Resort Championship held on June 27 of last year, Jo Jae-ho lifted the trophy 226 days later and climbed to the top for the second time in his career, setting a record of ‘two wins in one season’ for the first time as a Korean. He also won 100 million won in prize money and enjoyed a double slope by rising to the top of the season rankings with a cumulative prize money of 222.5 million won. 안전놀이터

It was the final where Cho Jae-ho’s technique shone. In the first set, Jo Jae-ho took the lead 15-2 with 8 high runs in 4 innings. However, Kang Dong-gung won the second set 15-9 in 8 innings and turned the match to square one. From the 3rd set, Jo Jae-ho’s concentration shone. In the 4th inning when the score was 10-10, Gang Dong-gung only scored 1 point, and immediately scored 4 points and filled the remaining 1 point in the next inning. Cho Jae-ho, who scored 3-1 in the 4th set, put an end to the game with a one-bank miss in the 5th set 14-14, and confirmed the championship.

Cho Jae-ho is a legendary player who swept various international competitions, ranking first in the Korean Billiards Federation rankings as an amateur before turning pro. He earned the nickname ‘Superman’ because he liked to wear clothes with the Superman mark at the time.

Cho Jae-ho, who won the final game following the season opener, said, “My goal was to win once in the season, but after winning the opening game, I increased my goal to two championships. He is proud and proud of himself for achieving that goal,” he said. With Cho Jae-ho’s victory, the record of two PBA Korean wins was compressed to two, Kang Dong-gung and Cho Jae-ho. The two will compete for the first Korean to win 3 wins at the World Championships next month.