‘Straight instinct’ Lee Dae-seong, consistent infighter

The boxer’s fighting style is largely divided into three types: outboxer, infighter, and slugger. Outboxers use wide distances and focus on steadily accumulating points one round at a time rather than KO. Hit and run with footwork, and solve the game stably and cleverly. On the other hand, the Infighter fights while closing the distance as much as possible. In general, there are many players with excellent toughness and grit, so even if a certain amount of effective hits are allowed, they persistently reduce the distance from the opponent and induce close combat.

In the case of the slugger, it is a style mainly used by strong punchers who do not have the strength in speed compared to their tremendous firepower. It’s not even fast anyway, so even following an outboxer or an infighter will only give off the atmosphere. It stably puts its feet on the ground and releases a terrifying blow the moment the opponent wants to enter its range. This type of relationship is often inherited from each other, and it is also a topic of debate that does not cool down to boxing fans.

If you substitute boxing for KBL, you can see that an out boxer is an all-weather technician with a wide field of vision and both attack and passing skills. The Infighter is unfortunate in terms of sense and game management ability, but it reminds me of a fighter-type player who constantly runs around and charges repeatedly throughout the game because of his good spirits. In the case of sluggers, they are neither fast nor very mobile, but players who cover their weaknesses and highlight their strengths with their unique sense or power, especially the big man, have a lot in common.

If you put Lee Dae-seong (32‧193cm), who is considered the most unique player in the league, into this, there are many opinions that he fits well with the infighter. Although he has many ups and downs in his play and has a tendency to be a bit foolish, he is the owner of a style that runs really hard based on his unique grit and attacks like a tenacious attack.

Regarding this, Mr. A, a basketball player, said, “If Lee Dae-sung is not an in-fighter, who would be an in-fighter? If Heo Jae, Lee Jung-hyun, and Kim Min-goo are outboxers with an infighter temperament, I wonder if Lee Dae-seong is just an infighter and shut up. He is a guard and often lacks sense or vision, but instead contributes to the team by taking a lot of his activity. It’s like an honest bison,” he said, giving a thumbs up.

C, who is a basketball player, said, “I remember the showdown with Kim Min-goo in the early days of my career. At the time, Lee Dae-seong was caught up in the clever and skillful play of his junior Kim Min-goo, who was called a genius, and was even reprimanded by coach Yoo Jae-hak. However, it was impressive that he did not hesitate until the end and attacked like a tenacity. Shouldn’t an infighter have that kind of temperament? He praised Lee Dae-sung’s spirit by saying, “The one who does not give up and steps forward even after being beaten and dragged around by an out-boxer throughout the game is an infighter.”

In the case of basketball player B, Lee Dae-sung’s infighter side was found in his unique beliefs and mentality. He said, “Lee Dae-sung has a strong conviction of his own. Even if many people say that he does not fit in with a point guard, he shouts that he is number 1 until the end, and even when criticism is poured out on his frustrating play, he shows great confidence, saying that it is not too late to judge after the season. An infighter is also expressed as a warrior in boxing. There is an opinion that he is stubborn because he does not change his mind in the evaluation of others and does not break his own thoughts, but I think that today’s Lee Dae-sung was created because of such a part.”

In addition, “If my skills weren’t supported, I wouldn’t have liked or disliked my beliefs. I don’t think there will be words like this because there are things that have been consistently shown in karate. Above all, he is called the King of Effort. He is known to train terribly and take good care of himself. He added, “I think it might be a move like an infighter who thinks there is no back and only looks forward.” 메이저놀이터

Basketball fan L said, “I wonder if there has ever been a character with such mixed reviews. Difficult to use. self-centered While there are many negative opinions such as being a heavy ballhandler and having low cost performance, a player whose passion can be felt just by looking at him from the side, a strong self-esteem that is not shaken by words around him, a veteran who always plays hard like a rookie, a senior who takes the lead without a sense of authority, etc. There are many people who like it for one reason or another. I think the influence he has had on the recent juniors outside of basketball is considerable.”

Even though there is talk that it is not the same as before, Lee Dae-sung is still recording not bad personal grades. He is averaging 17.83 points (5th overall), 3.69 assists, 2.94 rebounds and 1.29 steals in 35 games this season. This is why it is said that he is struggling apart from his poor team performance. Not long ago, it was revealed that he was playing with an injury, which surprised everyone. Many fans call him Daesung Westbrook compared to NBA star Russell Westbrook.

“The choices you make in a moment make up your life. The choices you make in each moment determine the quality of your life.” has a clear subjective relationship. Because of that relationship, he is always making strong choices, and such appearances have gathered to become the current Lee Dae-sung. It is noteworthy what the results of Lee Dae-sung’s infighting, which is moving forward with constant tenacity and effort, will lead after the season. #Writing_Kim Jong-