Should Taegeuk Warriors find another WC ‘place of miracle’… Included in Asian Cup venues

The Education City Stadium in Doha, Qatar, where Korean soccer has made a splendid achievement in the World Cup round of 16 in 12 years, will also be used as a stadium for the 2023 Asian Cup, which will open in January next year.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has confirmed and announced eight stadiums to be used in the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup finals after consulting with the organizing committee of the tournament.

The tournament, which will be held again in Qatar after 13 years since January 2011, is Asia’s most prestigious tournament where 24 countries that have passed the preliminaries gather to determine the strongest player on the continent. Qatar beat South Korea and Indonesia in October of last year to win the right to host, and the tournament will be held from January 12 to February 10 next year.안전놀이터

Among the eight stadiums announced by the AFC, six stadiums that were used in the World Cup will be reused, so Asian participating countries will be able to feel the excitement of the World Cup.

In particular, I wondered if the Korean national team would find a place where memories are made again as the Education City Stadium, which Korea played all the Qatar World Cup group stage matches and used as a sanctuary for the round of 16, will also be used in the Asian Cup.

In addition to Education City Stadium, Kalafi International Stadium, Altumama Stadium, Al Janoub Stadium, Albaite Stadium, and Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium are the venues for Asian Cup matches following the World Cup.

Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium and Jasim Bin Hamad Stadium are not used for the World Cup, but Asian Cup matches are held there.

Participating countries in this competition are Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong (above East Asia), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Oman, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, Palestine (above West Asia), Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan (above) Central Asia), Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam (above Southeast Asia), and India (South Asia).

The draw for the tournament will be held on May 11 at 8pm at the Katara Opera House.