“Short rain at a dangerous moment”…does the sky help Hanhwa?

Last season, Hanwha was really bad. It was so bad, you’d think it couldn’t get any worse. Their one-two punch of foreign pitchers were injured and they had no one to fill in the innings. Even after replacing the two foreign pitchers, the bad luck continued. Both were injured and couldn’t finish the season. Former Hanwha manager Carlos Subero said, “I wonder if this has ever happened before in the history of the Korean Baseball Organization”.

This year is different for Hanwha. It rains just when you need it. On a day when they needed an ace up their sleeve and their bullpen fatigue was reaching its peak, they got a break when the game was rained out. It’s almost as if the heavens are saying, “I’m sorry,” and helping us out. “I’m sorry,” he says, “and I feel like the heavens are helping me.

After a six-game winning streak, Hanwha was unable to play its final home game of the three-game series against KT due to rain at Daejeon’s Hanwha Life Eagles Park on Monday. Hanwha was scheduled to start the game with Ricardo Sanchez, the “Unbeaten Fairy. Sanchez, who joined the Eagles as a foreigner to replace Butch Smith, has started eight games this season, and Hanwha hasn’t lost a game with Smith on the mound. The only game they didn’t win was a 2-2 draw with Kiwoom on April 16, when Ahn Woo-jin started.

While it was disappointing that the game was canceled on the day Sanchez was scheduled to start, it was a sweet break for the bullpen. Hanwha’s streak, which hadn’t been seen in 1371 days, had taken its toll on the bullpen. Hanwha’s top two relievers, Kang Jae-min and Park Sang-won, needed rest after pitching back-to-back eighth and ninth innings in the 28th game. After pitching 1.1 innings on the 17th and 2 innings on the 18th, Park took the mound on the 21st and 22nd and again on the 27th and 28th. During this time, Park threw 7.1 innings and gave up just two hits.

Kang Jae-min was also on the mound on the 21st, 22nd, and again on the 27th and 28th. During this time, he allowed one hit in four innings. In particular, Kang struck out five batters during this period, returning to the days when he was known as “Mr. Zero.

After the game was canceled, Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho said, “It’s better not to go against the will of the heavens. “Even if we had played today, we wouldn’t have used the pitchers (who had pitched two days in a row). I don’t want to wait for a third consecutive game unless they’ve thrown 30 pitches in two days,” he laughed.카지노사이트

It wasn’t just that day. Hanwha was on a four-game winning streak when it was rained out on the 25th. After winning both games against NC, Hanwha had to play the final game of the three-game series against Eric Peddie. Peddy pitched 13 innings in two games against Hanwha. The Hanwha bats struggled against Peddie, going 6-for-44 and failing to score a single run.

Hanwha will now try to win their seventh straight game. Hanwha will begin a three-game series against last-place Samsung on April 30 at Lions Park in Daegu. “There is a rain forecast until the morning of the first of next month,” Choi said, “so we will start (Moon) Dong-ju in the first game of the three-game series, and Sanchez, who pitched today, will have 30 days to adjust his condition and then pitch in the next game on the first of next month.”