Shall we contact Kiwoom and Bauer? Call to the Penn “Russell and Puig did the same. It’s best to play for a year in an overseas league” claims

An American media outlet recommended Trevor Bau, who received the longest ban in major league history due to sexual assault controversy, to go to an overseas league for the 2023 season.

Fan Sided’s Call to the Pen argued on the 28th (Korean time) that it would be best for Bauer to return to the major leagues after playing overseas for a year.

The media said, “It is necessary to show off that it is not rusted after playing in an overseas league for a year, and people will forget the Bauer incident over time.

” Other players also walked the same path. Edison Russell made his way to the KBO after a sluggish year with the Chicago Cubs due to domestic violence violations. Others, such as Yasiel Puig, have turned to foreign leagues to restore their reputations. It’s probably the same for Bauer,” he said, strongly recommending Bauer’s overseas league.

He said it was an overseas league, but judging from the examples of Russell and Puig, it can be seen that he suggested going to Korea. 토토사이트

As the media explained, Russell and Puig After committing something unpleasant in the United States, he played in the KBO. Unfortunately, both players played for Kiwoom Heroes.

Both players, however, failed to return to the major leagues. Russell signed with Kiwoom again and played in the KBO for the 2023 season. Puig is illegal Bauer is involved in a sports betting case and is in a court battle.As

Bauer has been disciplined and has not been prosecuted, there is no problem playing in major leagues as well as overseas leagues such as the KBO.

The media emphasized that Bauer is still waiting for a call from a major league team, but that an overseas league year in 2023 would be the best option.

Will Kiwoom contact Bauer? Just because he embraced Russell and Puig doesn’t seem to mean he’ll have the ‘strong heart’ to embrace Bauer as well.