Seven of the 10 slowest strikeout pitches in MLB this year were by Ryu.

The “Blue Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin (36-Toronto) started against Texas in a Major League Baseball (MLB) homecoming game on March 13 and struck out five in six innings.

The highlight came in the top of the fourth inning when he struck out Nathaniel Law (28) on a grounder to short.

With a 0-2 pitch count and two strikes, Ryu threw a curveball that touched 62.6 miles per hour (100.7 kilometers per hour), per Statcast, to leave Roe stranded.

62.6 miles per hour is the slowest ball used by a “pitcher” to get a strikeout in MLB this year.

The previous record was a 64.6-mile-per-hour curveball thrown by Hyun-jin Ryu when he struck out Andres Jimenez (25-Cleveland) in a no-hitter last month.

Seven of the 10 slowest pitches used for strikeouts in MLB this year have been thrown by Ryu.

This 64.6-mile-per-hour curveball off the bat of Jimenez is also the slowest pitch induced by a pitcher in MLB this year, regardless of pitch count.

Among “called strikes,” Ryu’s 62.4-mile-per-hour pitch against Hunter Goodman (25) in the bottom of the fourth inning of a game against visiting Colorado on May 27 is the slowest by a pitcher, just 0.2 mph slower than the curve he threw today.메이저사이트

In other words, Ryu Hyun-jin is throwing a “slow hadoken” in the real world that he used to throw with the “← + S + D” combination on those old computers.

However, there have been six instances of “beasts” on the mound this year who have struck out with slower pitches, including Luke Reilly (29-Tampa Bay), who entered the game in the bottom of the ninth inning with his team leading the White Sox 14-3 on April 28 in Chicago.

Reilly is tied for first in the category with a strikeout with a 50-mile-per-hour ball.

Cody Clemons, 27, whose father Roger Clemons, 61, was a hard-throwing pitcher during his playing days, recorded a strikeout with a 56.7-mile-per-hour (about 91.2 kilometers per hour) pitch in a May 2 game.