Seoul E-Land’s ‘new engine’ Lee Si-heon “7 consecutive attack Ps for 2 seasons, I will overcome this year” 

“Seven attack points for two consecutive seasons, I will try to overcome this year.”

Seoul E-Land striker Lee Si-heon reported his first league goal in a home game against Ansan Greeners in the 6th round of ‘Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023’ held at Mokdong Sports Complex on the 9th. Starting with Lee Si-heon’s goal, Seoul E-Land, who scored 4 goals, succeeded in winning their first league match.

Lee Si-heon started the game that day, and in the 23rd minute of the first half, after a corner kick, he succeeded in scoring with a powerful left-footed shot. Lee Si-heon said, “I am happy to have won my first league win. I will try to get on the rise with the victory,” he said. “I didn’t expect the ball to come (in the scoring process). I prepared for such a move at the set piece. It could be a coincidence, but I think that result followed because I prepared well.”바카라사이트

He wore the Seoul E-Land uniform this season. I wore the Bucheon FC uniform for the last two seasons. Coincidentally, Lee Si-heon scored a hat-trick against Bucheon in the second round of the FA Cup. Seoul E-Land defeated Bucheon 6-0. Lee Si-heon said, “I didn’t think of scoring a goal against Bucheon. He ended up scoring 3 goals, and I was happy because it was the team’s first win of the season, but on the other hand, I was a little heartbroken. However, in sports, the game is cold, so I don’t think I can help it. I said hello to manager Lee Young-min inside the stadium.”

Seoul E-Land coach Park Choong-kyun is calling for an attack. He emphasizes attack as much as he does. Lee Si-heon said, “What we always talk about is leading football,” and “They say we have to lead the opponent. To do that, you must attack. I try to take the initiative in both defense and offense. Perfection seems to be on the rise. If you wait a little longer, you will be able to bring all the results.”

Lee Si-heon scored 4 goals and 3 assists for two consecutive seasons. He did not exceed 10 offensive points. Lee Si-heon said, “When I first met with the director, he talked about attack points. Unfortunately, the attack points stopped at 7 during the 2nd season. He gave me a goal to reach double digits. I try to do it with a goal,” he said confidently, “of course a goal is better, but as long as it is a point that helps the team, it doesn’t matter whether it is a goal or an assist.”