Seongnam couldn’t find a replacement after sending Mulich…’Main ST, Jeon Seong-soo’

Seongnam FC, which sent Mulich, is counting on Jeon Seong-soo.

Seongnam’s top scorer over the past two seasons was Mulich. He scored 13 goals in the 2021 season and ranked 5th in the scoring rankings, and scored 9 goals last season. Although it fell short of his debut season, it helped Seongnam, which suffered from a serious offensive slump. Mulich, who was expected to play for Seongnam this season as well, left Seongnam after signing a contract with Suwon Samsung during training. He was a replacement for Oh Hyun-kyu, who went to Celtic.

After the relegation, the interests were aligned with Seongnam, which was working on a large-scale cleanup of high-income workers. Seongnam, who broke away from Mulich, could not find an alternative resource. It is known that he is looking for a player who will be responsible for the front line, regardless of whether it is a domestic player or a foreign player, but there is no news of recruitment yet. The K-League 2 kicks off on March 1st. With less than two weeks left, it is true that even if a new striker is coming, we need to adapt.

It is Seongnam who believes in Jeon Seong-soo. Seongsu Jeon is a striker born in 2000 and joined Seongnam in 2019. He failed to make his professional debut and went on loan to Yangpyeong FC (K4 League) in 2020 and Gangneung Citizen Soccer Team (K3 League) in 2021. His good performances earned him the Young Player Award for the second year in a row. It was impressive that he received the Young Player Award consecutively in K4 and K3. After successfully completing the loan, Seongsu Jeon joined the Seongnam 1st squad. 온라인카지노

At the beginning of last season, he performed impressively. He made a name for himself in March, when he played 6 matches and scored 2 goals. He was even nominated for the Young Player of the Month award. Is it because the initial impact was strong? Jeon Sung-soo did not score after that and did not get a chance to play properly. It is said that Jeon Seong-soo prepared for the 2023 season with a more earnest heart. With the departure of Mulich, he is aiming for the main striker.

Lee Jong-ho and Yoo Ju-an can be used as strikers, and Shim Dong-woon and Jeong Han-min can also be used as center forwards, but Jeon Sung-soo is likely to be the starting pitcher. He is tall and has good speed, so he can use it in various ways. If you increase your concentration and reduce the ups and downs of the game, you will be able to earn the trust of coach Lee Ki-hyung. The absence of a clear striker or foreign striker is a bad thing for Seongnam, but it is an opportunity for Jeon Seong-soo.