Sangmyung University Wi Jeong-woo and Lim Jae-hyeon’s LG and practice match?

“I hope that the game will be a game where I can show off my splendid skills because my former teacher, coach Lim Jae-hyun, is here.”

Sangmyung University strengthened its strength with the addition of freshmen Song Jung-woo (Anyang High School), Wi Jeong-woo (Bae Jae High School), and Choi Jun-hwan (Yeosu Hwayang High School). All three players are players who will scratch the itch of Sangmyung University.

Wi Jeong-woo (172cm, G) stands out in dribbling and speed despite his short stature. He is expected to be able to fill the gap left by Jung Joo-young’s graduation, and is a resource to overcome when the opponent plays a pressure defense.

Wi Jeong-woo, whom we met in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, was asked why he went to Sangmyung University. There were rumors that he was going. When he met as an opponent, Choi Jun-hwan had a long reach, and he was good at blocks, so he thought that if he played with the same team, he would be able to create good synergy.”

Sangmyung University is holding a practice game in Yeosu after strengthening its stamina and tactics in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do for about a month.

When Wi Jung-woo asked how his first winter training in college was, “It’s hard to follow because he emphasizes on details more than in high school. In the attack, I am doing what I used to do, but in the defense, the changed tactics are difficult.”

When he was in middle school, Wi Jeong-woo said, “He wants to be a player who does his best more than anyone else and a player who is the best at defending among guards. Since he was a sophomore, he’s been playing on defense, so he’s confident on defense.”

When he reflected on what he said at the time, Wi Jeong-woo said, “I think that I have to do the best defense by stealing from the front line because I am small. He does his best to defend the team, but he must have the ability to go out first and steal what he can take away.”

Wi Jeong-woo, who received a lot of defensive criticism from Sangmyung University coach Koh Seung-jin during high school and practice games, explained the reason, saying, “There is a change in the defense that is advanced in the team defense, but I was not aware of it.”

When asked about his strengths other than defense, Wi Jung-woo said, “I can save the center during pick-and-rolls, I can develop fast attacks well, and I am confident in dribbling.” . In high school, he once made four 3-pointers in a game, and maybe one or two. He doesn’t try much, but when he shoots, he goes in well,” he said, even making a 3-point shot.

When Wi Jeong-woo entered Baejae High School, LG coach Lim Jae-hyun took over as Baejae High School coach. Wi Jeong-woo learned from coach Lim Jae-hyeon for about two and a half years. Coach Lim Jae-hyeon left for LG and told the players, “I’ll meet you in a practice match when I go to college soon.”

When asked what it would be like to play a practice game with LG, Wi Jeong-woo said, “I hope it will be a game where I can show off my splendid individual skills because my former teacher, coach Lim Jae-hyun, is here.” He emphasized it, so I took various passes using the center and my strong point, the quick attack, and he emphasized the pressure defense, so I gained confidence in the defense.” 슬롯사이트

He continued, “The coach taught me how to hit the ball quickly when he catches it, connect the fastball, and pass the pick-and-roll to save the center. At that time, he told me that I needed the ability to bounce or back pass because my height was small and I could get caught by the opponent when I passed upwards.” He said before that we should also have the defensive ability to take away.”

Wi Jung-woo is a classmate of Song Jeong-woo, who has the same name. Coach Seung-Jin Ko shouts “Jeong-Woo” during the game, so it seems like there are times when it gets confusing. Of course, the player who was called more was Song Jeong-woo.

Wi Jeong-woo said, “There are times when the director calls me ‘Song Jeong-woo. Now I’m used to it and I accept it,” he said.

The college basketball league is scheduled to open in early March.

Wi Jeong-woo said, “I don’t think it’s okay to be complacent in sports because I’m too focused on college life.”