‘Sandboard King’ Kim Jun-seok of Donga University, 3 crowns in the national competition this year

Dong-A University Kim Jun-seok conquered the sand board once again and emerged as the ‘absolute strongman’ of college wrestling.

The Busan City Ssireum Association announced on the 23rd that Kim Jun-seok reached the top in the university individual champion class (-95kg) at the 24th Jeungpyeong Ginseng Cup National Ssireum Competition held at the Jeungpyeong Sports Center in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 15th and 21st. Kim Tae-gyeong of Naeri Elementary School in Busan won the elementary school superintendent level (-50kg).

Kim Joon-seok won three gold medals in the national tournament held this year, following the victory of the 53rd President’s Cup held in March and the 20th Haksan Kim Seong-ryul Cup National Business Ssireum Championship held earlier this month. He has swept all the tournaments this year and is on an undefeated streak. If this momentum continues, it is expected that this year’s national championships will be possible.안전놀이터

Kim Jun-seok’s team, Donga University, took 3rd place in the team event.

Naeri Elementary School Kim Tae-kyung also won two gold medals in the national competition following the presidential contest. Kim Tae-gyeong, who won the gold medal at the National Youth Sports Festival last year despite being in the 5th grade, is likely to win the gold medal at the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival, which will be held next month.

Ban-girls’ high school, which finished runner-up in the high school team event last year, took third place in the team event. Yoon Ji-seong, a classmate’s high school, placed 3rd in the high school individual’s bravery class (-85kg).

During the transfer, Choi Ye-joon also took 3rd place in the middle school warrior class (-80kg).

Park Soo-yong, president of the Busan City Ssireum Association, said, “This year, the Busan Ssireum team is outstanding, with players Kim Jun-seok and Kim Tae-kyung winning multiple crowns and achieving good results in team matches. I think this is the result of the hard work of the Busan wrestling leaders and the full support and support of the association officials,” he said.