Samsung’s New Philippine Asia Quarter Joins Baltazar How far has it come?

Due to the expansion of the Asian quota system, many clubs are taking advantage of Philippine resources this season. He leads the team as a starter and also helps the team as a sixth man.

Seoul Samsung also worked hard to recruit players from the Asian Quarter in the Philippines. However, 198cm forward William Navarro failed to sign the contract because the Philippine Basketball Association did not issue a transfer agreement. I wanted a Filipino player who could give strength to the forward line before the season, but I had to drink it every time.

More than half of the regular league has passed, but Samsung is aiming for a lot of changes to get out of the bottom. One of them is Justin Balthazar, a Filipino Asian quarter-forward resource. Baltazar is 207 cm tall and has mobility, so he can play running basketball. He’s not very competitive behind the basket, but he’s a resource for shooting mid-range shots and three-pointers.

Head coach Eun Hee-seok talked about recruiting Filipino players ahead of the match against Changwon LG held at Jamsil Gymnasium on the 5th.

Coach Eun Hee-seok said, “We also have forward resources such as (Jang) Min-guk and (Lim) Dong-seop, but SK comes out as a big lineup and KT is the same, so we are going to be pushed back. He decided that he was a player who could fill that part 메이저사이트. Before the start of the season, from Nava to David, we tried to recruit a player who could give us strength in the power forward line, but it didn’t work out,” he explained the reason for the acquisition.

He continued, “The part in the article where he said he would play for the Nations Cup was something that was not in the contract. Before and after the All-Star break is a very important situation, but if you come late, you will have to let go of the season. (Philippines) They said it takes a while to get a visa. Still, I received an answer saying that we can send players quickly from the local area.”

Samsung is at the bottom with 10 wins and 19 losses. In a situation where head coach Eun Hee-seok wants a reorganization, signing a Filipino player can be a ‘good’ card.