Sala-Favinho-Matip at the same time?… “Maybe sold this summer”


is a sign that a generation has completely come to an end. Local media predicted that Liverpool could sell key players this summer for a generational change.

Liverpool lost again. Liverpool suffered a 0-3 defeat in the Wolverhampton expedition at 0:00 am (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) on the 5th. It was a complete defeat, helplessly suffered by the opponent’s sharp attack with an unsatisfactory share.

A middle-class move with no excuses. Liverpool are having their worst season with only 1 win (2 draws and 4 losses) in 7 matches in official competition. The league ranking has fallen to 10th place (29 points). The difference between 4th place (40 points), the champions league qualification, is exactly the same as the gap between 18th place (18 points), the relegation zone.

Existing main shafts also collapsed. ‘Captain’ Jordan Henderson has aged from the second half of last season and is no longer showing the mobility he once was. Virgil van Dijk is still there, but not as amazing as before, with injury management and the like. Trent Alexander-Arnold’s contribution decreased in both offense and defense due to the added burden of defense.

Even the core is shaking. Mohamed Salah has been silent for 5 games in the league, and his game influence is gradually waning. Fabinho lost his prime at a rather early age and gave up his starting position to Stefan Bassetic. Joel Matip isn’t performing at his best even when he’s not injured.

There was even an argument that they should be sold for a generational change. The British ‘Sports Mall’ said on the 5th 메이저놀이터, “Liverpool is in decline. If Jurgen Klopp wants to restore Liverpool to its former glory, five players may be sold in the summer transfer market,” Salah and Fabinho said. Matip was mentioned.

However, it is doubtful whether a clear replacement can be found. As the media also mentioned, Liverpool can never advance to the Champions League if they continue their current course. Currently, the Europa Conference League is also in a state of affairs. Jude Bellingham and Federico Chiesa, who are currently being mentioned as targets for Liverpool, are unlikely to come into a team that cannot compete in the European competition.

Other players mentioned as potential departures from Liverpool include Nathaniel Phillips and Quibin Kelleher. Phillips has been classified as a near-outside player completely, while Kelleher is a dependable goalkeeper in cup competitions, but is unlikely to play this season as Liverpool drop out of all domestic cups.