Revealing hidden ‘dancing skills’… Van Nistelrooy ‘enjoyed’ in locker room after winning PSV Cup

 Eindhoven van Nistelrooy showed off his hidden dance skills.

Eindhoven, led by coach Van Nistelrooy, drew 1-1 with Ajax in the cup competition held on the 1st (Korean time), then won 3-2 after a penalty shootout and lifted the championship trophy. This is the club’s 50th win.

Eindhoven released a locker room video through its official channel after winning. The video shows coach Van Nistelrooy enjoying the victory with the team. In particular, in the video, coach Van Nistelrooy watches the players dance and enters the center to show off their dancing skills. The atmosphere in the locker room in Eindhoven was heightened by Van Nistelou’s dancing skills.토토사이트

Van Nistelrooy was a striker who went through Manchester United (England) and Real Madrid (Spain) during his active career. He also ate together with Park Ji-sung. After his retirement, he began his coaching career by coaching the Dutch national football team. Since last summer, he has been in charge of Eindhoven.