Return to ‘Soccer Special City’… Daejeon Hana, ‘bead sweat’ in Thailand

Daejeon was once called the ‘soccer city’ for football, but Daejeon Citizen, a citizen’s club, was demoted to the second division in 2015 and had a long period of stagnation.

However, as the corporate team was promoted to the first division after three years of conversion, citizens

who bet on Citizen this year have high expectations.


[“We are one!”]

Daejeon Hana Citizen’s players are sweating under the scorching sun and the high temperature of over 35 degrees.

It’s hard training to the extent that sweet smell comes out of your mouth, but considering the fans who have been waiting for promotion, not even a minute and a second can be wasted.

[Soundbite] Cho Yu-min/Daejeon Hana Citizen’s captain : “The fans waited for 8 years so that the 8 years would not be wasted…

” However, in the K-League 1, limitations are expected.

Players, too, are doing their best to develop their competitiveness with the attitude of challengers, including basic skills, physical strength, and ability to understand tactics. [ Soundbite

] Joo Se-jong/Daejeon Hana Citizen Midfielder : “K-League 1 is a different league, and there are a lot of good players, so we need to be a bit more tactical, but we need to become stronger…”

As Gangwon FC was announced as the opening game opponent, a strange tension circulated on the scene.

The players’ meal times and routes were separated, and all practice matches that could reveal tactics were canceled.

[Lee Min-seong/Daejeon Hana Citizen Manager: “There are things I’m concerned about, but since it’s the first field training, it’s a training that raises the physical side, so I’m going to a different place for the second field training, so I can do enough tactics and stuff there.” I have time….”] The

team will return to Korea soon and take a short break, and then leave for Geoje for the final training. 바카라

Daejeon invites Gangwon home on the 26th of next month, breaking the long silence and announcing the return to the K-League 1 as a special soccer city.

This is Park Yeon-sun of KBS News from Chonburi, Thailand.