Reticence and leading by example… ‘Vice-captain’ Kim Jin-ya talks about ‘captain’ Ilyuchenko

Kim Jin-ya said that as a captain, he shows first-rate Chenko and silence and an example.

FC Seoul held the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at the HJ Convention Center in Gangdong-gu, Seoul at 10 am on the 22nd. Lee Han-beom, Im Sang-hyup, Han Chan-hee, Kim Kyung-min, and Kim Jin-ya attended the player interview, and among them, Kim Jin-ya had a conversation.

Prior to the opening of the season, Seoul announced the captains for the 2023 season. The claim is Ilyuchenko. Han Chan-hee, Im Sang-hyup, Kim Jin-ya, and Kim Joo-seong were appointed as vice-captains. Ilyuchenko is the only foreign captain among the K-League 1 captains in the 2023 season, along with Sejingya of Daegu FC. Ilyuchenko, who left Jeonbuk Hyundai midway through last season and joined Seoul, quickly established himself as the team’s main gun, and even wore the captain’s armband this season. 안전놀이터

Seoul vice-captain Kim Jin-ya asked what kind of person Ilyuchenko is, the ‘captain’ he sees. In particular, I asked if there was anything different from when Ki Sung-yong and Na Sang-ho took over the captaincy last season.

Kim Jin-ya said, “I’m unfamiliar with Ilyuchenko because he’s a foreign captain. Still, I feel that Ilyuchenko has charisma. Although he’s a foreigner, he has the kind of charisma and leadership that can embrace Korean players. I think we have the power to bring them together.”

Next, Jinya Kim cited Ilyuchenko’s example as a strength, saying, “Ilyuchenko is a player who directly confronts me on the field and takes the lead by example. I think that other players can follow such behavior when they see him.”

Ki Sung-yong and Na Sang-ho also answered the difference from when they were captains. Kim Jin-ya said, “I don’t feel that the atmosphere of the team has changed. Instead, Ilyuchenko was originally a taciturn style, but after becoming captain, he showed a more serious look, so it seems that the players also come to their senses. Ilyuchenko’s reticence seems to have an impact on the team’s atmosphere,” he said.

Kim Jin-ya plans to lead the team by helping Ilyuchenko as Seoul’s vice-captain for the 2023 season. Kim Jin-ya promised to win the opening game, saying, “I think we can start the season well only if we win the opening match against Incheon United.”