“Request for resignation of general manager Son Hyuk” Hanwha fans anger at Subero’s hardship… Finally, until ‘this’

Some Hanwha fans go to the truck demonstration.

On the 15th, some Hanwha fans said, “We are very angry at the Hanwha Eagles front desk’s habitual avoidance of responsibility, which was revealed due to the resignation of coach Subero. Accordingly, we are planning a truck protest to hold the Hanwha Eagles front desk accountable. The reason why we started the truck protest is as follows.”

First of all, he pointed out the repeated failure of recruiting foreigners every time. A Hanwha fan said, “Even though the Hanwha Eagles are the weakest team in need of foreign players, the mercenaries’ performance has been sluggish every year. In particular, this season, they recruited Birch Smith, who had a history of injury in the United States and Japan. It was judged that it would be difficult to throw more than 100 innings, but he insisted that only the Hanwha Eagles would be able to handle full-time innings, and he pushed ahead with the recruitment, and on the first day of the season, he was released after 2⅔ innings. With one contract, the right to replace foreign players and huge costs were eventually broken up in the air. Batter O’Grady also pushed ahead with the recruitment despite poor performance. Only with the experience of playing intimidating foreign players with a sluggish batting average of 10% in the Asian League, the KBO League He said, “I recruited him because he judged that he would be able to adapt quickly. Successive failures in recruiting foreigners directly led to poor performance, but the Hanwha Eagles front desk is not facing this properly.”

Next, he pointed out an inconsistently frustrated rebuilding, a sharp turn to ‘winning baseball’. Hanwha fans said, “2023 was the last year of Hanwha’s rebuilding. However, on the day of the winning streak, and just before the away road, it gave a great shock to both the players and fans. However, on the 11th, he sacked coach Subero on the 11th with the excuse of problems such as experimental baseball and shift.It shifted all responsibility for not being able to play the ‘winning baseball’ required by the front desk to the manager. “The sudden resignation of the coach put a great burden on the players who have to play every day, regardless of age. It is entirely up to the players to prove the manager’s resignation at an unexpected point and the sudden change in team management direction.”체스카지노

Their conclusion is: Hanwha fans hope that the front desk of the Hanwha Eagles will no longer pass the responsibility for the poor performance to the coach and players, but will feel their own mistakes and responsibilities and present a clear direction. In addition, the front desk will stop shaking the players We demand that we create an environment where players who have no choice but to play in front of fans with burdens in this situation can show stable skills.”

From the 15th to the 18th, it will be held at the Hanwha headquarters. A Hanwha fan said, “The purpose of all our fans is to hold the Hanwha Eagles front desk accountable. Please listen to our voices. It started through voluntary fundraising in various online communities, including. Many fans who are acting because they can’t wait to see the team they’ve supported for a long time no longer collapse, demand the club’s swift follow-up, a sincere apology, and the resignation of the general manager.” said.

[Former coach Subero and General Manager Hyuk Son (above), General Manager Hyuk Son (below). Photo = My Daily Photo DB]