Randall, who has practiced, is uncertain about the first game of PO with Cleveland

It’s not easy for the New York Knicks to be strong in the playoffs.

According to SNY reporter Ian Begley, New York’s Julius Randall (forward-center, 203cm, 113kg) was not selected for the first leg of the playoffs.

Randall is currently sidelined with a left ankle injury. At the end of the season, at the end of last March, he was injured and decided to undergo a reexamination two weeks later. He will be tested this weekend, and depending on the results, it is expected that when he will be able to return is determined.안전놀이터

He has been in light practice for now and is known to be making progress. But he doesn’t seem to have a clear recovery. Neither New York’s Tom Tiebber nor manager has given a definite answer as to whether Randall will play or not. Just as he is in the process of recovery, he needs to watch the progress.

At the first gate of the playoffs, New York will play the first round of the first round against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the 17th (Korean time). If Randall can’t play, New York has no choice but to play at a disadvantage. This is because Randall, who has to focus on the inside as well as leading the attack, is missing.

He appeared in 77 games this season before getting injured. He recorded 25.1 points (.459 .343 .757), 10 rebounds and 4.1 assists in 35.5 minutes per game. He announced that this season he is back as an elite big man, producing a ’25-10′ average.

Although it slowed down a bit last season, it reproduced the performance of the 2020-2021 season in this season. Compared to last season, the average score was raised by 5 points, as well as the average personal goal loss, which clearly changed from -2.3 to 2.2.

However, he suffered an injury at the end of the season, leaving him disappointed. He played on the court more consistently than anyone else, but he was excluded from the power ahead of the playoffs. If Randall, and no one else, misses early in the series, it’s not realistically easy for New York to try to advance to the second round.

Meanwhile, New York finished this season 47-35, 5th in the Western Conference. He was sluggish last season, but he brushed it off. They strengthened their backcourt by signing Jaylen Brunson in the offseason, and strengthened their power by bringing in Josh Hart ahead of the trade deadline.