position? “I will do my best even if I make GK”… The Incheon command tower smiles at the enthusiastic man’s answer

The player who gets the most attention at Incheon United is ‘freshman’ Paul Jose Mpoku (31). Born in Tottenham, England, well known to domestic soccer fans, he played in the Italian, Belgian, and Qatar leagues. He boasts of an illustrious career.

His strength is that he plays multiple positions. This year, Incheon has to play many matches, including league and cup competitions and the Asian Champions League (ACL). ‘Multiplayer’ Mpoku is expected to be a big help. Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan also had high expectations. In particular, Mpoku’s passion for ‘playing in any position’ made the command tower happy. Coach Cho laughed, “I heard that he would do it even if he ordered a goalkeeper. Currently, he plays three positions. He plays as a midfielder, wing forward, and striker. I think he can play his role in various positions.”

First of all, the position Mpoku is most confident in is midfielder. He says he has played a lot in the position so far and is confident. Mpoku said, “I have played a lot in the 4-3-3 formation. I have accumulated various careers and experiences when there are three central midfielders. It is the first time in a three-back system.” But he doesn’t mind any position. for the team Mpoku said, “I’m ready in any position. (In other positions) I may not perform well, but I will always play with the mindset of doing my best.”

It is also the first K-League stage. Tight, intense training may not be easy, but Mpoku is always passionate about it. Officials from the club also praised his enthusiastic training attitude. Mpoku said, “This is the first time I’ve been to field training with this kind of intensity and amount of training.” You have to adapt to the team,” he said.

It worked. Mpoku was satisfied, saying, “It was the most I’ve ever run in my career, but I didn’t have any problems with my body. It was the first time I knew that I could run such a race and a lot of distance. It was a new experience.” 스포츠토토

In addition, Mpoku praised, “Thanks to the welcome of my teammates, I was able to approach easily. Overall, I am getting closer with my teammates. Not only Lee Myung-joo, who played on the same team, but also Shin Jin-ho.” Mpoku and Lee Myung-joo have worked together in Al Wahda (United Arab Emirates) in the past. Another foreign player from Incheon, Harrison Delbridge, was a roommate with Mpoku and passed on his ‘tips’ about Korean soccer.

Regarding his time at Tottenham, “I still have affection for the Tottenham club and the city of London. I had various experiences and learned a lot during that time. Tottenham is a club that has brought me a lot. I am always grateful. We have maintained a good relationship to this day. “It is a club that is always welcoming and open to the extent that we train with players under the age of 23 during the break.”

First of all, Mpoku is likely to play as a striker this year. As the depth of the striker of the team is relatively thin, there are many things to do. Mpoku performed well with 8 goals in 30 league games in the 2018-19 season when he was in Standard Liege (Belgium). he has experience Mpoku said, “I want to play a lot of games and aim for a lot of goals and assists. However, if my attack points can’t bring me victory points, it’s meaningless. I want to leave a legacy in the history of the Incheon club. We will make history,” he said.