Pohang’s biggest concern is the three-line combination, ‘Key’ is the new face Oberdan

 Pohang Steelers’ biggest concern is the third line. The key is held by the new face, Oberdan (28).

Pohang’s biggest off-season challenge is to fill the void left by Shin Jin-ho (Incheon United), who played an MVP-level performance last season. He played the role of a link between offense and defense perfectly. Lee Soo-bin, who will be placed in the third line, also changed into a Jeonbuk Hyundai uniform.

Pohang brought Brazilian defensive midfielder Oberdan. Although he is 175 cm tall, his strengths are vigorous activity, tough defense, and sacrificial play. He quickly adapts to the team as he builds friendships with fellow Brazilians Wandelsson and Zeca. However, the key is how to withstand the strong pressure and tempo unique to the K-League.안전놀이터

Lee Seung-mo, who left due to an ankle fracture injury in September last year and focused on rehabilitation, is still not perfect. He also needs to recover his sense of actual combat due to his long hiatus. Also, it is unclear whether he will be able to use it from the opening game because he still has a slight pain. Director Kim Ki-dong is in the position of waiting for Lee Seung-mo’s return with enough time. Shin Kwang-hoon, who is a right-sided defender but also plays as a third-line midfielder, also suffers from an injury sustained at the end of last season.

In addition to Oberdan, ‘multiplayer’ Park Seung-wook, who mainly looks at the side defender, is also considered as an alternative. Kim Jong-woo, who was newly brought in after Shin Jin-ho left, is not a typical defensive midfielder. Coach Kim’s style of maximizing the player’s strengths is expected to play an offensive role rather than a defensive one.

Coach Kim is agonizing over the three-line combination. If Oberdan quickly adapts to the K-League and Pohang, he can experiment with his partners. Otherwise, Director Kim’s calculation method becomes more complicated. In the end, it seems that Oberdan will influence Pohang’s 3rd line competitiveness.