‘PL scoring record’ Hollan, the source of explosive ability is ‘Fart’… nicknamed ‘Elling Fart Land’

 Elling Hollan (Manchester City) has a nickname. It’s ‘Elling Fart Land’. 

The Daily Star reported on the 5th (hereafter Korean time), “Halan has no respect for his teammates.

“Currently, his nickname is called the fart master along with the scoring machine,” he said.

This is the news revealed by Bayern Munich’s Leo Gretzka. Gretzka, who was around him, is covering his nose. The Daily Mail caught it. Hollan’s fart smells so bad that it’s hard to breathe and it hurts the opponent’s defense. 토토사이트

The photo was captured in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final between Manchester City and Bayern Munich. There is a physical fight in the penalty box during a corner kick situation.

Gretzka is covering her nose while Halan is standing. Of the time, Goretzka explained: “He has no respect for football. He farts whenever we come near him.”

The reaction of the fans is also hot. “Hollan farts to gain momentum,” he explained. Another fan said, “There is also a nickname called Elling Fartland.”