Owner of Colorado “SD spends a lot of money, has many loopholes”

Dick Montfort, owner of the Colorado Rockies, is displeased with the San Diego Padres, a team in the National League West division.

In an interview reported through the Denver Post, a leading Colorado media outlet, on Saturday (28th) local time, Monfort expressed his thoughts on the Padres, who are competing in the same district, saying, “I cannot agree with all of what they are doing.”

The Padres are expected to record a total salary of $251 million for the 2023 season based on ‘Fan Graphs’ predictions. It is the third highest in the major leagues. Contrasted with Colorado, the same media estimate of $163 million.

Following the Los Angeles Dodgers, another team in the district that spends a lot of money has increased. Monfort acknowledged the burden, saying, “It’s putting a lot of pressure on us.” Still, “It’s not just a Padres thing. There are also the Mets and Phillies. It’s been an interesting year,” he said, adding that the Padres aren’t the only ones spending money.

“I can’t agree with everything the Padres are doing right now. Our fans probably think that way too. I’ll see what happens, ”he said, conveying his thoughts.

In what ways can we not fully agree? He said, “It is true that it is a talented team, but there are loopholes as well. There will be three starting pitchers, maybe four. Joe Musgrove, Blake Snell, and Darvish Yu. He pointed out that San Diego is a team with loopholes compared to spending a lot of money. “They put up a lot of money and will spend a lot more to keep Juan Soto 메이저놀이터. It’s definitely putting a lot of pressure on us.”

Monfort’s owner also spent a lot of money, but it didn’t come to fruition. Nolan Arenado signed a nine-year, $275 million contract ahead of the 2019 season, but was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. Chris Bryant, who signed a seven-year, $182 million deal ahead of last season, only played in 42 games due to injuries in the first year of his contract.

Colorado has failed to advance to fall baseball for four consecutive seasons since advancing to the postseason in 2018. With 74 wins in 2021 and 68 wins in 2022, their performance continues to deteriorate. Naturally, the arrow of criticism is directed at the owner. 93.4% of fans voted in favor of the Denver Post’s poll, ‘Should Monfort’s owner sell the team?

Monfort presented a realistic goal for the 2023 season, saying, “I think we can play baseball with a 50% win rate.”