‘No. 1, but with the mindset of a challenger’ Yang Hee-jong cheers (?) for SK

Spellman, who gets stronger when he meets KT, scored 40 points and led KGC to 5 consecutive victories. However, there was another player who showed off his relative strengths without regret. I am Yang Hee-jong, the captain of KGC.

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won 87-84 in the 5th round of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league against Suwon KT Sonicboom held at Suwon KT Arena on the 6th. KGC, with a record of 28 wins and 11 losses, kept first place by extending the ride with second place to 3.5 games.

Yang Hee-jong, who played as a substitute that day, played 21 minutes and 28 seconds, contributing 11 points and 5 assists to the team’s victory. Especially in defense, he harassed KT by going in and out. Oh Se-geun had a foul trouble early, but with Yang Hee-jong’s performance, KGC blocked KT’s last-minute offensive.

Yang Hee-jong said, “Recently, I’ve been having a tough schedule playing a series of matches. Since the main players are very difficult in terms of physical strength, the key is for the backups to fill that part well, and along with that part, Omari (spellman) is ace down. He looked back on the game, saying, “I think I led a difficult game well to the end by showing my face.”

Yang Hee-jong, who is now looking at his age, still shows passionate and tireless play on the court. His aggressiveness and fighting spirit, especially on defense, are still league-leading.

He said, “Actually, it’s hard. It’s not easy to keep in shape because I don’t take a certain amount of time for each game. It’s difficult to train alone and have to take care of my juniors. I don’t want to make them do it. I think I’m playing responsibly because I want to give them trust.”

At the same time, “Actually, I want to watch the winning games every time while cheering for the juniors on the bench. As I spend more time playing, there are definitely some difficult parts. I always talk with (Daryl) Monroe, and the juniors will organize the season well, so the playoffs We want to show a good side of ourselves,” he laughed.

Yang Hee-jong showed a particularly strong appearance in the match against KT this season. There are 3 matches where 10 or more points were scored, all of which were against KT. The average score is also more than twice as high before KT compared to other games.

He said, “If the record is the same, then there must be compatibility,” and he joked, “There was a shot that went in today as well. The stadium seems to suit me. Should I transfer to KT?”

KGC has been particularly strong in close matches this season. By the time the rising trend ends, the atmosphere has been set right away, and since the opening, it has never come down from first place. KGC coach Kim Sang-sik always mentions the team’s strengths and says, “Yang Hee-jong and Oh Se-geun hold the center well.”

Yang Hee-jong said, “I think trust between the coaching staff and players is our team’s greatest strength. Mentioning (Oh) Se-geun from the team seems to just tell them that they are seniors. )Junhyung, (Bae) Byungjun, and (Lens) Abando are doing their part 120%. Even as a hyung, I am grateful that they are running with mental strength even though they are not feeling well.”

Heejong Yang also expressed his gratitude to Darryl Monroe, a foreign player.

He said, “I’ve been with Monroe and Omari for two years, and I’m learning a lot from Monroe. Mental strength is so strong that I call it ‘Coach D.’ I think it will be of great help in my life in the future, so I am always grateful.” 안전놀이터

Many players of KGC, which is on the rise, are counting SK as the biggest rival in the championship structure. Yang Hee-jong also has the same idea.

Yang Hee-jong said, “It’s not easy for all the top teams, and LG and Mobis each have their own characteristics and it’s not easy. There is a perception that they are good players,” he said.

Also, “And last year we met in the championship game and we lost. This year, I hope that SK will come up and taste the pain we felt last year. That’s why I support SK for coming up.”

He continued, “I hope it will be a fun match. Last year, we were pushed one-sidedly by SK throughout the season, but we did our best. This year, we want to compete as a full team. Although we are running in first place, we will fight with the mindset of a challenger.” told