‘Myth of the semifinals with 5 people’ Chuncheon Girls’ High School Choi Ye-seul “It’s difficult”

Chuncheon Girls’ High School is making a story.

On the 11th, Chuncheon Girls’ High School won the match against Cheongju Girls’ High School in the 6th round of the ’48th National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Glory Tournament’ at the Sportium Indoor Gymnasium in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do, and won 83-71 and advanced to the semifinals.

Chuncheon Girls’ High School’s advance to the semifinals is surprising. Chuncheon Girls’ High School found glory with 5 players as injured players and players receiving penalties did not appear in the tournament. The five players played four consecutive days, starting with the preliminary round on the 8th and ending on the 9th, 10th, and 11th. This is not the end. Chuncheon Girls’ High School, which reached the semifinals, will meet Bundang Business High School, a candidate for the championship, in the semifinals on the 12th without a break. 카지노사이트

Choi Ye-seul (179cm), a sophomore at Chuncheon Girls’ High School, opened her mouth, “It’s difficult.” He recorded 25 points and 24 rebounds against Cheongju Girls’ High School.

He continued, “I prepared for the situation where I had to run with 5 people without substitutions before the competition. Rather than special preparation, I practiced as usual. In fact, training is more difficult than the game,” he said with a smile.

Choi Ye-seul, the tallest player in the team, showed various sides by playing not only under the goal but also outside.

Choi Ye-seul said, “I’m most confident in running fast and participating in the fast break,” and said, “Of course, fighting to block players bigger than me is the most difficult. Coach Kim Young-min also teaches me and emphasizes endurance with my feet. . 

In defense, he showed versatility, including rebounding and blocking the opponent’s center, as well as breaking through and shooting in offense. Pass sense is a bonus here. However, there were also scenes where he passed from his own easy scoring chances due to his lack of experience yet. Seeing this, Chuncheon Girls’ High School coach Kim Young-min shouted at Ye-seul Choi.

Choi Ye-seul remembered the dizzying moment, “I thought I was going to get scolded the moment I passed.”

Every year, Chuncheon Girls’ High School participated in the competition with a small number of students. Choi Ye-seul also spent a lot of time stepping on her coat from her freshman year.

Choi Ye-seul said, “There were many times when I played in a similar environment in my freshman year. Foul management is especially important, and I am actively defending until the 4th foul. I hope it ends well without it.”

Chuncheon Girls’ High School actually shows Yeonong’s version of ‘Rebound’. Attention is focusing on whether he will write another story beyond Bundang Business High School, the winning team of the spring competition in March on the 12th.