Men’s volleyball Woori Card escapes 5 consecutive losses by sacrificing leading Korean Air

 Reporter Kim Joo-hee = Woori Card has escaped from a five-game losing streak.

Woori Card won with a set score of 3-0 (25-23 28-26 25-20) in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Korean Air match at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 17th.

Woori Card (15 wins, 14 losses, 44 points), which escaped from the mire of five consecutive losses, pushed KEPCO (13 wins, 16 losses, 42 points) and returned to third place.

Leader Korean Air (20 wins, 9 losses, 59 points) failed to gain points.

Woori Card Agamez played an active role with 21 points and an attack success rate of 61.29%, and Na Gyeong-bok supported 13 points. Song Hee-chae scored 9 points, including 3 serve points.

Woori Card overwhelmed Korean Air 9-2 in blocking.

Woori Card showed its will to break out of losing streak by persistently biting and stretching from the first set.

Woori Card, which was dragged 18-21, caught up to 1 point due to the opponent’s consecutive mistakes. Then, Agamez’ serve ace exploded and balanced.

In 22-22, he preoccupied the set point with a serve ace following Song Hee-chae’s quick open. Na Kyung-bok’s quick open from 24-23 wrapped up the first set.

Woori Card also took the 2nd set.

Woori Card, who widened the gap with Kim Kwan-jong’s blocking and Agamez’s consecutive goals in 14-11, filled 20 points with Kim Ji-han’s consecutive goals in 18-16.

However, Korean Air’s pursuit was not easy. In 19-22, Korean Air turned around by scoring 4 points, starting with Lim Dong-hyuk’s rear attack.

Then Woori Card led the game to deuce with Agamez’s open attack on 23-24.

Even variables appeared in the fierce competition.

On 26-26, Korean Air’s Jeong Ji-seok went down due to a finger injury.

However, the referee did not immediately stop the game, and only blew the whistle after the rally was over with Agamez’s back attack. He then declared a no-count.

Woori Card manager Shin Young-cheol protested strongly that the rally was over before the no-count declaration, so the goal should be recognized, but it was not accepted. 바카라사이트

In the match that resumed after twists and turns, Woori Card regained the upper hand with Agamez’s back attack, and Song Hee-chae hit a sub ace to win the second set.

Woori Card, riding on momentum, ended the game in the third set.

Woori Card ran away with Agamez’s open attack and Kim Wan-jong’s blocking in 12-10, and beat Korean Air in 17-12 with Na Kyung-bok’s back attack and Song Hee-chae’s blocking.

In 23-20, Agamez’s open attack reached the match point, and Lincoln’s attack escaped, successfully escaping a long losing streak.

Korean Air could not prevent defeat with Jung Ji-seok scoring 16 points and Lincoln scoring 11 points.