Long-term contract with SD Cronenworth… Higher Expectations for Ha-Sung Kim

 San Diego gave Kim Ha-seong (28) and fellow infielder Jake Cronenworth (29) a seven-year long-term contract.

According to a report by MLB.com on the 2nd (Korean time), San Diego extended the contract until 2030 with Cronenworth, who will qualify as a free agent (FA) after two years. The total amount of the contract is known to be around 80 million dollars.

Following the 11-year, $350 million ‘life contract’ with Machado, who was able to declare free agency after this season, the league’s top shortstop, Zander Bogatz, was set for 11 years, $280 million (359.8 billion won), and 108 million. San Diego, which poured in dollars and grabbed Yu Darvish, embraced Cronenworth and nurtured its dream of winning the World Series. 안전놀이터

Fernando Tatis Jr., who was like the symbol of the team, has already been tied up with 340 million dollars in 14 years.

Cronenworth, who moved to first base after giving up the second baseman position to Ha-seong Kim, finished second in the NL Rookie of the Year voting for the 2020 season and was selected as an All-Star for the last two seasons in a row. Cronenworth, who competed with Kim Ha-sung for an infield position, can play as a shortstop and 1st base as a second baseman, and has also played as a 3rd baseman.

Cronenworth, who has high utility value in defense, has hit 38 home runs in the last two seasons and has shown off his formidable long hitting power. Recognized for such value, Cronenworth signed a contract with an annual average of around 10 million dollars and remained in San Diego.

Among San Diego’s key infielders, the only player who has not signed a long-term contract is Kim Ha-seong, who has a contract until 2024. The Athletic of the United States predicted, “If

Ha-seong Kim shows good performance in the 2023 season, the club may consider extending the contract.” It can also have a good effect on application. If Cronenworth’s value is this much, the expectations that Kim Ha-seong can aim for can be higher.,The defense that has been recognized since the debut season has become more colorful and solid, and the offensive ability has improved a lot

. As can be seen from the fact that he was nominated for the Gold Glove Award in the NL shortstop category, he is not inferior to Cronenworth in terms of defensive stability and utilization

. Last season’s offensive indicators improved significantly. Ha-seong Kim, who was recognized for his long hitting power in the KBO League, could become a player worth more than 10 million dollars if he only increased his offensive power for the remaining period. At the end of 2024, he will also qualify as a free agent. Ha-seong Kim’s 2023 The season started with even stronger motivation.