‘Living Legend’ Osmar, “I want to play for as long as possible at FC Seoul”

FC Seoul defeated Gwangju FC 2-0 in the second round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 5th. With the victory on this day, Seoul maintained its top spot with two consecutive victories after the opening.

The first half performance was not good. At the beginning of the game, Gwangju took the lead based on strong pressure, quick conversion of offense, and vigorous activity. However, they persevered well in the first half and looked for chances, and manager Ahn Ik-soo made a change by using 3 replacement cards at the start of the second half. In addition, Gwangju’s ace Um Ji-seong was sent off, and Seoul took the numerical advantage, eventually winning with consecutive goals from Osmar and Park Dong-jin.

The protagonist of the victory was Osmar. Osmar scored the opening goal in the second half and contributed to the victory by showing stable defense throughout the game.

After the game, coach Ahn Ik-soo said, “He is more professional than anyone else. He is a player who gives important messages within the team. Sometimes he becomes a mentor, sometimes he becomes a leader. He shows his loyalty to the team. It serves as an opportunity to improve. I don’t think there’s a problem with the negative part because I’m good at self-management. There’s no problem with recovery and preparation.”

Osmar is a true legend in Seoul. In the meantime, there were foreign legends named Adi and Molina in Seoul, but they took their place as Seoul legends, and although they were born in 1988, they had a strong desire to rewrite the history of Seoul by running for as long as possible.

After the game, Osmar said, “For me, it’s still special to play for this team. I think it’s my last every year, but I try to enjoy it as each year goes by. Getting older is inevitable, but I have to make sacrifices for the team. Being a leader in this team, I want to be a role model for young players. I want to play for as long as possible in Seoul.”

The result of the match was positive, but I should have been more alert in the first half. You have to learn from this game. We need to learn a lesson from not being able to focus on the first half.

– 10 years in Seoul

For me, it is still special to play for this team. I think it’s the last of every year, but I try to enjoy it as the years go by. Getting older is unavoidable, but you have to sacrifice for the team. I want to be a leader for this team and an example to the young players. I want to play for as long as possible in Seoul.

-Self-management 토토사이트

To be honest, there is no special routine. It has clear priorities. I know that I age naturally, and I know that my routine is different now than it was 15 years ago. Resting well, eating well. I think about when to train hard and what my strengths are. I’m trying to set an example for other players as much as possible. Occasionally I eat special meals, but nothing special. I didn’t come to Seoul to play. I came here to build a career. I am preparing and thinking about how to recover quickly.

-Do you want to become the longest serving foreigner in the K-League?

Of course. Rather than scoring goals, I have a long-term goal, like a marathon. I want to become the longest-serving foreign player in Seoul.

-The value of the emblem of FC Seoul

I agree with what the director is saying. We are a club in the capital of Korea, and we should know the value of our emblem. The upsetting thing is that our team does not have the Asian Champions League trophy and we have to regain our place.

– For Seoul to return to normal?

It’s not something that can happen overnight. You have to think realistically. You have to go forward little by little. The most important thing is mental strength. The mentality of the new players, especially the young players, is important. We must not lower our heads, and we must not let the opponent win easily when they come to our stadium. You have to show your passion.