LG’s Kim Hyun-soo, who is constantly ‘glancing’ at his family team Doosan…’Let’s say hello to the kids’

Preparing for the game, he couldn’t help himself. Even as he held the bat and swung, LG Twins’ Kim Hyun-soo kept glancing over at the Doosan Bears’ camp.

The high temperature at Jamsil Stadium was 34 degrees. With a nationwide heat advisory in effect, the sun was beating down on the field, making the players feel even hotter.

4pm. As the home team Doosan players were wrapping up their training, LG Kim Hyun-soo took the field with a bat in the third base dugout and looked out at the Doosan camp with a smile on his face. He could have walked up to the Doosan players and coaches and said hello, but instead, he gave them a distant wave.

Coach Ko Young-min, who was warming up for batting practice, approached Kim Hyun-soo and said a quick hello before leaving.

Senior Kim visited Kim Hyun-soo as he was batting off a tee before his batting practice, and they chatted for a while about hitting. Although they were wearing different uniforms, it was a glimpse into how Kim gets along with those around him.바카라사이트

Against his hometown team, Doosan, and their Jamsil rivals, LG’s Kim Hyun-soo was back in full swing.

This season, the series is 5-2 in favor of LG. LG, which recently snapped a five-game losing streak, sent Kelly to the mound after an 11-game winning streak, while Doosan, which has lost two straight, sent Alcantara to the mound.