Legend leaving Naples “A stronger team than when I was there, Spalletti developed the player”

Legendary player Lorenzo Insigne, who left Napoli, congratulated his former teammates on their lead.

Napoli is in first place with 50 points as of round 19 of the 2022-2023 Italian Serie A. It is a leading solo race, so the championship is likely. The summit is closer than ever since the 1989-1990 season when the late Diego Maradona led the championship.

In an interview with the Italian daily Gazetta dello Sport, Insigne still referred to the Napoli players as “our teammates” and showed a bond. Insigne is a native of Naples and a member of the youth team. After renting, he settled in the first team in 2012 and played an active role as a key player for 10 years. With a height of only 163 cm, he slipped through the opponent’s defense and scored a goal with his right foot. The Italian national team also contributed to winning Euro 2020. However, Insigne, who had several conflicts over the terms of his contract with Napoli, finally left his former team and moved to Toronto last year.

How will he feel when he sees a better team after he leaves? Insigne expressed pure joy, saying, “As a No. 1 fan, I watch every game. And I send a message of praise to our players. The 5-1 win over Juventus has a special meaning for us Neapolitans 토토사이트.”

Having experienced coach Luciano Spalletti last season, Incine explains that the special thing about Napoli is physical fitness and detail. “Coach Spalletti takes care of every detail. Napoli’s players are in impressive shape. Thanks to the coach and staff.

Insigne mentioned two active Napoli players, but Kim Min-jae was not included. First, the reporter asked about the growth of Victor Osimen, and secondly, the impressive player Insigne himself picked was Stanislav Robotka, who had grown significantly more than when he worked with him. Insigne said, “When I was at Napoli, Insigne was not the same player he is now. He has become a completely different person thanks to the manager.”