Lee Kang-in paralyzed the airport… “I’m sorry” and apologized

 Lee Kang-in, who was reborn as the ‘crown prince’ of Klins Man-ho through an A-match in March, left the country amid fans’ support.

Lee Kang-in showed up at Incheon Airport to return to his team Mallorca at around 10:00 am on the 29th, the day after the national soccer team friendly match against Uruguay.

Lee Kang-in, who entered the airport wearing a sweatshirt and a hat for a long flight, responded with a smile when he saw the fans waiting for him. 바카라사이트

Hundreds of fans gathered at the airport to see Lee Kang-in and gave Lee Kang-in a gift they had prepared.

When he entered Korea on the 21st, he took pictures with about 100 fans one by one and showed hot fan service, so fans chanted Lee Kang-in even more.

However, Lee Kang-in headed to the departure hall without being able to accept fans’ requests for autographs or selfies due to the tight flight time.

While walking to the departure hall under guard, Lee Kang-in kept saying “I’m sorry” as if feeling sorry for not living up to the fans’ expectations.

Let’s check the atmosphere of the scene in more detail with the News 1TV video.