KT foreign pitchers Benjamin and Schulser start bullpen pitching as soon as camp starts

 KT Wiz foreign pitchers Wes Benjamin (30) and Bo Schulser (29) digested their first bullpen pitching in the spring camp on the 3rd local time.

In this camp, which consists of three days of training and one day of rest, the two foreign pitchers who joined the camp after steadily building their bodies during the off-season volunteered to pitch in the bullpen in the first turn of training.

In his second season at KT, Benjamin threw 25 pitches across all pitches and his best velocity was 143km.

Benjamin, who finished pitching the bullpen, said, “It was my first time today, so I threw it lightly, and I plan to gradually increase the intensity. . 토토사이트

New foreign pitcher Schulther also threw 34 balls across all pitches, including the fastball and changeup, his main weapons. He recorded the highest fastball speed of 144 km.

Schulser evaluated, “I paid attention to the adaptation of the KBO official ball and the control of pitching in the strike zone, and it was a satisfactory pitch overall.”

Pitching coach Kim Tae-han, who watched the pitching of the two players, said, “It was their first pitch, but I felt that they were preparing well as planned.” ”he expressed his feelings.

In addition, six domestic pitchers, including Koh Young-pyo, Sohn Joon-jun, Lee Chae-ho, Park Se-jin, Kim Min, and Jo Yi-hyeon, successfully completed their first bullpen pitching.