Korea’s next head coach candidate arrives in London for talks with Everton

Reporter Park Joo-seong = Director Marcelo Bielsa, who was mentioned as a candidate for the next Korean coach, has arrived in London.

The British media ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 27th (Korean time), “Coach Marcelo Bielsa has arrived at London Heathrow Airport to negotiate with Everton.”

Everton are currently in a crisis. Everton’s standings are in the 19th place in the relegation zone. If the atmosphere continues like this, the team will be demoted from the Premier League and go to the Championship 메이저놀이터.

As a result, Everton have sacked manager Frank Lampard and are trying to find a new manager. Currently, Everton’s number one priority is manager Bielsa. Bielsa has impressed with Leeds United in the Premier League. Number two is director Sean Deitz.

Coincidentally, coach Bielsa is the manager who has recently been rumored to transfer to Korea as the successor to coach Paulo Bento. Although there is no clear story, various directors, including Bielsa, have been linked to Korea.

According to the media, Everton players are struggling with contracts due to doubts about whether they will be able to adapt to Bielsa’s style. Nevertheless, with Bielsa’s arrival in London, the possibility of Everton’s appointment is getting higher and higher.

In addition to directors Bielsa and Sean Deitz, director Davide Ancelotti, son of director Carlo Ancelotti, is also being mentioned as a candidate. Currently, he has been head coach at Everton in the past and is currently working as head coach at Real Madrid, where his father is located.