Kim Su-ji runs with Heungkuk, best friend Kim Yeon-kyung… Total of 930 million won over 3 years

Women’s professional volleyball free agent (FA) Kim Su-ji signed a contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders. As a result, she was able to play an active part in a team with Kim Su-ji, known as her best friend, Kim Yeon-kyung.

Heungkuk Life Insurance announced on the 19th that it had signed an FA contract with Kim Su-ji. It is a condition of an annual salary of 310 million won (annual salary of 270 million won, an option of 40 million won) for 3 years of her contract period. Suji Kim wore the Heungkuk Life Insurance uniform for three years from 2014 to 2017, and she contributed to the regular league championship in the 2016-17 season. Kim Soo-ji, who transferred to IBK Industrial Bank, returned to Heungkuk Life Insurance after six seasons.

Kim Su-ji said, “I am happy to play again for my parents’ team, Heungkuk Life Insurance.” told

Heungkuk Life Insurance said, “Kim Su-ji is a veteran player with great height and excellent blocking and moving attack skills.” “he said.먹튀검증

This is the first time that Kim Yeon-kyung and Kim Su-ji, famous for her close friends, wear Heungkuk Life Insurance uniforms in the same season. From 2014 to 2017, when Kim Su-ji played for Heungkuk Life Insurance, Kim Yeon-kyung belonged to Turkiye Fenerbahce SK.

Korea Expressway Corporation, the winning team in women’s professional volleyball, renewed the contract with three internal FA players.

On the 19th, the Korea Expressway Corporation announced, “We signed contracts with Bae Yoo-na, Moon Jeong-won, and Jeon Sa-yan, who obtained FA qualifications.” Middle blocker Bae Yuna signed her contract for 3 years and 550 million won (annual salary of 440 million won and options of 110 million won). The total amount of Bae Yoo-na’s annual compensation is the best treatment for an active middle blocker. Bae Yoo-na said in an interview with News 1, “I was worried because other teams offered good conditions, but I won the road construction twice and it was a team that made me shine the best.” said

Moon Jeong-won signed a contract of 250 million won (annual salary of 220 million won, option 30 million won), contract period of 3 years, and Jeon Sae-yan signed a contract of 210 million won for 1 year (annual salary of 180 million won, option 30 million won). . Moon Jung-won said, “I will work harder so that I can become a player who will remain in the memory of many people for a long time.”

Jeon Sae-yan said, “I am grateful to the club for giving me a good opportunity.”

Road Corporation, the winning team in the 2022-23 season, obtained FA qualifications after the season, including Park Jeong-ah, Jeong Dae-young, Bae Yu-na, Moon Jeong-won, and Jeon Sae-yan. Park Jung-ah transferred to Pepper Savings Bank after receiving 775 million won, which is the upper limit for women’s compensation, and Jeong Dae-young also returned to GS Caltex, her home team.

The Korea Expressway Corporation said, “We pushed for renewal of contracts with all 5 FA players, who were the main players in the team’s championship, but ultimately succeeded in signing a contract with Bae Yu-na, Moon Jeong-won, and Jeon Sae-yan.” We thank you for your hard work and we plan to cheer for your new start.”